His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 999 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (29)

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Chapter 999: The Truth Beneath the Truth (29)

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Granny Shang was fuming. “That brat! I don’t believe that he’ll continue dragging now that I told him I’m going to sever ties with him unless he gets married by 30!”

Rong Mo poured a cup of freshly brewed tea and placed it before Granny Shang. “Granny, this Pu’er tea has a great taste. Please try it.”

Taking a sip, Granny Shang looked at Rong Mo. “During the time spent with him recently, has there been any women appearing around him?”

Rong Mo thought for a moment before shaking her head. “No. Other than work, brother is still preoccupied with more work.”

“What about men?” Granny Shang asked nervously. He had better not be gay and even if he was, he had to give birth to a successor first.

“Does Big Mountain count?”

“Of course not.” Big Mountain was Shang Mo’s assistant. Besides, with his looks, even women wouldn’t want him, let alone men.

Granny Shang frowned and asked curiously, “So you mean to say that no men nor women have been surrounding him. If that’s the case, what’s up with that bad reputation of his?”

Rong Mo was puzzled over that as well. Everyone claimed that Shang Mo was someone who swung both ways but yet, he seemed to be rather… conservative.

She thought about how she had made contact with that part of Shang Mo the day before returning to the capital. That seemed to have been… no.

Or perhaps, he just didn’t bring anyone home.

After all, for a man like Shang Mo who had both the riches and power, he would definitely not want to settle down that early as that might restrict his ability to fool around thereafter.

As for those women that he played with outside, he could just dump them after he was tired of them. If he were to bring them home, what if he couldn’t dump them thereafter?

However, those weren’t things that Rong Mo could tell Granny Shang with ease. Ever since she arrived, Granny Shang had been most concerned about Shang Mo’s marriage. No matter what Granny Shang tried, Shang Mo wouldn’t fall for it – even for those tactics he couldn’t dodge, he would just delay them. That’s the reason why he was still single up till now.

“I’m even suspecting that this reputation of his was spread around by himself so that he could scare away the women that would want to marry him. No, I’ve got to continue looking for one for him.” Granny Shang said as she took out her phone and began flipping through photos of the eligible bachelorettes in the circle.

In truth, despite Shang Mo’s horrendous reputation, there were still women in the circle who wanted to marry him all thanks to his gorgeous looks and status as the only successor of the Shang Family.

However, Granny Shang was picky as well.

One should not be too old or young.

Her family background should not be too complex or messy.

Her looks must not be too good or too ugly.

Her knowledge and intellect need not be that high but they must be matching of Shang Mo’s…

Granny Shang placed her phone before Rong Mo. “Come, come… Rong Mo. Help me pick one that you think is suitable.”

Rong Mo was at a loss.

Her? How was she supposed to know how to pick anyone?

“What requirements are you looking for?”

“Let’s not talk about that for now. We’ll focus on finding one that Shang Mo likes.” Granny Shang acted as though she was really open minded and casual.

“Erm…” Isn’t that even more difficult?! If there was someone that Shang Mo would like, both of them wouldn’t be here discussing about these girls!

“Regardless of how her family background is like, if Shang Mo likes her, I’ll like her.” Granny Shang pondered for a moment before adding, “But it must be a woman…”

If her grandson really fancied men, she wouldn’t stand in his way. However, she wouldn’t be graciously accepting of it and bless them as well.

“You take your pick, let me know when you’re done.”

Granny Shang passed over the arduous task onto Rong Mo’s hands.