His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 997 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (27)

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Chapter 997: The Truth Beneath the Truth (27)

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Rong Mo’s legs went limp and she nearly fell over. However, Shang Mo looked like he wasn’t bothered at all.

Was it something normal for men to help scratch one another’s backs?

Rong Mo heaved a couple of deep breaths to bolster her courage before moving her fingers warily towards Shang Mo’s back.

The moment her nails made contact, she could feel him shudder.

“Does it hurt?”

“You don’t have to scratch anymore.” Shang Mo went silent for a moment before spinning around, scaring Rong Mo so badly that her legs stumbled against one another before she fell forward thereafter.

Standing before her, Shang Mo reached out for her waist immediately.

And just like that, she fell right into his embrace.

Looking at how her waist was almost sticking to his entirely, Rong Mo pushed Shang Mo away.

That sudden push in turn caused Shang Mo to lose his balance and he fell back, causing both of them to land on one another in a flirty manner.

In the chaos, Rong Mo did not know what she was grabbing at but the end result was such that Shang Mo’s towel was tugged off.

Eventually, Rong Mo’s face landed right at his manliest area.

That burning sensation caused Rong Mo to feel a scalding surge of energy.

Freezing for a moment, she looked down by instinct… before hopping right up with a fully flushed face and backing off furiously. “B-Brother! S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

Shang Mo cursed under his breath as his expression was black as thunder – he had felt a current jolt through his limbs at that moment earlier on.

It was lust…

And it was towards Rong Mo once more! F*ck!

He lowered his head to conceal his emotions and wrap his towel around himself. By the time he looked at Rong Mo again, he was expressionless as he said coldly, “Clumsy as always.”

“Sorry!” Rong Mo’s face was tomato red as she lowered her head, not daring to raise it nor did she know what to reply.

“What are you blushing for? Don’t you have one as well?” Shang Mo’s shock was mainly due to Rong Mo’s reaction rather than his private parts being seen – what was so strange about a man seeing another man’s junk? Wasn’t this a common occurrence in male toilets?

Or was he a gay?

Rong Mo: “…” I truly don’t have one!!

“Get out!”

Rong Mo scurried out immediately.

The moment she got to her bedroom, she laid down on the bed trying to forget everything that had just happened. However, be it whether she closed her eyes, her mind would flash with the images of what she had just seen, causing her to flush constantly.

When mealtime came, she did not head down on time either, claiming that she wanted to sleep awhile and that she would eat later on.

Eventually, she truly did fall asleep and couldn’t wake up at all. It was only till the housekeeper knocked on her door informing her that Shang Mo was looking for her that she stirred awake and got dressed before heading down.

Shang Mo eyed her, his expression still hazy. “What took you so long?”

“I was… showering?” That image ran through Rong Mo’s mind once more.

“Let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“The capital.”

Rong Mo’s expression froze up as she lowered her head. “…”

Instinctively, she wondered if something had happened to Yan Zi – however, Yan Zi should have just arrived at the capital.

Shang Mo then spoke, “Granny is sick.”

Rong Mo was startled as her face turned pale as a sheet. “What’s wrong? Is it serious?”

“No, but someone has to take care of her and I have to fly to Australia for business so you have to be the one.”

“I’ve got time. I’ll do it.”