His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 996 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (26)

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Chapter 996: The Truth Beneath the Truth (26)

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Su Ya knitted her brows – this Yan Zi was truly thinking far ahead. She knew that whether or not she succeeded, as long as she was with Chang Xiaoyang, Su Ya would have to protect her.

This was truly a good method of protecting herself.

However, Su Ya did not wish to place a chip of hers in the hand of Yan Zi.

“Isn’t it better abroad? Once you’re out there, who could do anything to you? It’s impossible for Lu Yanchen to find you!”

Yan Zi’s expression did not change as though it was an ultimatum. “No, I want to be with Chang Xiaoyang. Whether or not you want to cooperate is up to you!”

This was a rare chance and Su Ya was certain that if Yan Zi were to strike, Lu Yanchen would truly be stuck in a dilemma. She then looked at Yan Zi and smiled. “Alright, I promise.”

“Pleasant cooperation.” Yan Zi reached out for a handshake.

Su Ya then extended her arm and shook it.

Both of them looked as though they were joint in union; as though the whole world was beneath them as long as they worked together.

However, the moment Yan Zi left, she gave Rong Mo a call. “I’ll be heading to the capital tomorrow. If I’m not wrong, it’ll be to the villa which you should have been residing in back then.”

After Rong Mo hung up, she was rooted for a moment – she was quite worried for Yan Zi.

The capital was Shang Mo’s playground – perhaps she should look to him for help and have him send someone to protect Yan Zi.

Rong Mo stood outside Shang Mo’s study. Sometime after she knocked, the door opened from within with a click.

Raising her head, Rong Mo caught sight of a ripped nude male body that was wrapped with nothing but a bath towel.

Subconsciously, she froze for a moment as she looked at Shang Mo’s dripping hair. It was only then that she realized why he had taken such a long time to open the door – he was showering.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were showering.” Rong Mo’s eyes darted randomly, not sure where she should look.

“What’s up?” Shang Mo was drying his hair as he asked casually.

When he caught sight of how Rong Mo’s ears were red, he was slightly surprised as a weird look flashed through his eyes.

However, he was graceful as always before asking softly, “It’s getting late. Why aren’t you sleeping yet?”

Rong Mo stammered. “B-Brother… I would like to ask a favour from you. I-If you’re busy now, you can continue. I’ll look for you later.”

“I’m already done showering. Come in.” He then tilted sideways.

Rong Mo could not fidget much – after all, they were both ‘men’– and hence she could only walk in as though nothing was wrong.

“The girl that I ran over, she’s been discharged and is heading over to the capital. However, it seems to be dangerous so I was wondering whether you could send someone to protect her.”

Shang Mo looked at her silently, watching her with a gaze so deep it threatened to gouge at her thoughts. “She’s already discharged and should have nothing to do with you anymore. Why? You have a thing for her?”

Catching his dark expression, Rong Mo shook her head immediately. “No. I’m merely returning the favour. Thereafter, we’ll have nothing to do with one another.”

“That better be the case. Don’t learn all the bad stuff from the entertainment scene such as being a playboy.” Shang Mo lectured as though he’s a senior.

“I’ll have someone arrange for it.”

“Thank you, brother.” Rong Mo said as she prepared to leave.

However, Shang Mo suddenly stopped her. “Hang on.”

“… Yes?”

“My back is a little itchy. Could you help me check what’s wrong?” He turned his back towards Rong Mo.

Rong Mo spotted a red patch on that smooth back of his. “It’s a little red.”

“It itches and I can’t reach it. Help me scratch it.”