His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 995 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (25)

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Chapter 995: The Truth Beneath the Truth (25)

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Su Ya raised her cup and took another sip of coffee. “… Why must you insist on meeting him then? Perhaps things aren’t as you’ve thought of it to be?”

Yan Zi raised her head, looking cold and venomous. “Other than him, no one else will be able to tell me who he’s working for?”

She narrowed her gaze and looked at Su Ya. “You know Chang Xiaoyang? Don’t tell me…”

Su Ya smiled. Just as she was about to say something, Yan Zi who was watching her interrupted first. “You want to tell me that you don’t know him?”

There was a hint of mockery in her tone.

Su Ya swallowed the words she was about to spout out back down her throat.

Indeed, she had wanted to claim that she didn’t know Chang Xiaoyang. But right now, she was contemplating what she should say.

If she told Yan Zi nothing at all, Yan Zi wouldn’t help her, that’s for sure. She knew Yan Zi – this was a woman with a cautious character and was extremely opinionated as well. She couldn’t stand being toyed around.

Since that’s the case, what’s the deal with letting her know then? It wasn’t as though this was something important.

With just the fact that Yan Zi had bribed Chang Xiaoyang herself, Su Ya knew that Yan Zi wouldn’t sell Chang Xiaoyang out even if the latter found out that Chang Xiaoyang was actually on her side!

“Indeed, Chang Xiaoyang is one of mine. However, the car accident wasn’t caused by us, it was truly an accident. At that time, Mo Feifei woke up and when he saw that, Chang Xiaoyang brought her away. You didn’t tell me anything about why you wanted to have Mo Feifei disappear, hence I merely thought that things would be fine as long as Mo Feifei was gone regardless of whose hands she ended up in. What I did not expect was for her to escape on her own later on. I’ve tried having people search for her but I truly couldn’t find her. When you asked me about it back then, I truly did not know where she was and she wasn’t with me at that time as well.”

Yan Zi scrutinized her expression, seemingly trying to decipher if she was telling the truth.

A moment later, she said, “I want to see Chang Xiaoyang.”

“When Shi Guang and Qianxun were in frequent contact, I had him transferred to the capital.”

“We’ll head over there then. Not as though it’s as far as Argentina!”

Su Ya was confused. “I’ve already told you everything, why do you still insist on meeting him?”

“Do you know what’s the idea I have this time round?”

“I’m all ears.”

Yan Zi’s face darkened for a moment as her eyes looked suicidal. “Failed rape attempt.”

Su Ya was stunned for a moment before her eyes lit up. “Indeed, I knew you would definitely think of something! If an injured woman and a man were locked up in the same room and the woman claims that the man tried to rape her, the man wouldn’t be able to get away scot-free even without concrete evidence. And even if the law proclaims his innocence, the people around him won’t let him off. But that’s something extremely difficult and the choice of person is important. You can’t be thinking of doing it yourself…”

“That’s right, I’ll do it personally. Whether or not I succeed, his reputation is gone! However, I’ve got no backing and it’ll be extremely easy for Lu Yanchen to deal with me thereafter. A single mistake could have me dead without a corpse. Therefore, I have to leave right after the incident!”

“That’s not much of a problem. You’re not a superstar so your reputation can’t be that damaged anyways. After a while, no one will remember you. The world is so huge anyways. If you can’t hide domestically, you can always go abroad!”

“No, going abroad isn’t safe at all. It’s safest right under one’s eyelids. I know that you have a villa in the capital. I want to hide there with Chang Xiaoyang!”