His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 994 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (24)

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Chapter 994: The Truth Beneath the Truth (24)

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Su Ya waited at home for Yan Zi to turn up – now that something had happened to Su Liping, she did not believe that Yan Zi would stand by idly.

Indeed, it was less than a day before the helper at home informed her that a certain Miss Yan was looking for her.

She raised her head and looked at the clock on the wall – two hours. This was the fastest time that Yan Zi could have taken as she rushed out of the hospital to come look for her without even making a call.

Seemed like Yan Zi’s hatred towards the Lus was as much as her own hatred towards Shi Guang.

Su Ya smiled to her helper who nodded her head. Before long, the helper brought Yan Zi over as Su Ya poured two cups of freshly brewed coffee, one before her and one on the opposite end, hinting for Yan Zi to take a seat. “You’re discharged.”

Yan Zi did not say anything, merely sitting down and taking a sip of the coffee.

Su Ya continued smiling. “What’s wrong? You look angry. It’s completely different from how relaxed you were when I saw you a couple of days ago.”

“My mum was beaten up by someone’s wife once more. If I’m not mistaken, Lu Yanchen must be behind it,” Yan Zi said with a terrible expression.

“If there’s a first time, there will be a second time. The previous time round, he failed in trying to sow discord. So, what did he try to do again this time round?” Su Ya raised her coffee and took a sip.

Yan Zi said with a straight face, “Since I came here directly without even making a phone call, I’m sure you must already know about it. I want to have a proper discussion about our cooperation.”

Su Ya was perplexed. “I thought that given our long-standing relationship, we should already understand one another pretty well. There are some things that need not be said before we can have a good cooperation.”

“It’s different this time round. Or perhaps, I’ve lost my guts having gone through that car accident. Or perhaps, whatever I’m about to do may end up in both sides suffering severe losses and hence there are things I’ve got to say beforehand.”

Su Ya was delighted.

Indeed, Yan Zi was her best help! Even though it was pretty difficult getting Yan Zi to make a move, things would definitely succeed with her around!

She placed her cup down and asked calmly, “What are you intending to do?”

“Something that can get rid of Lu Yanchen. As long as he’s gone, Shi Guang wouldn’t be difficult for you to deal with anymore, isn’t it?”

Su Ya raised her brow. “Lu Yanchen isn’t someone that easy to deal with.”

Yan Zi scoffed coldly in indifference. “I don’t think so! Lu Yanchen isn’t as difficult to deal with as you guys think of it to be. I’ve got a plan that can make him suffer a loss without being able to fight back at all. And even if he’s fine, he won’t be able to be with Shi Guang ever again.”

Su Ya’s interest was piqued. “What’s your plan? How about sharing it?”

Yan Zi then played with her fingers, beating around the bush all of a sudden. “What’s the hurry? We can talk about this slowly. Besides, I’ve already mentioned it, what I’m about to do may cause severe losses on both sides. Therefore, before that, I would like to clarify some things.”

“What do you want to clarify?”

“Back then, I was the one behind Mo Feifei’s disappearance. However, something happened midway and Mo Feifei disappeared. After thinking about it, I have the feeling that someone was trying to benefit from my loss. My entire plan was perfect and the only one who could have caused an issue must be on Chang Xiaoyang. And now, he’s gone missing. If I can’t find out whether or not that guy has truly betrayed me, I won’t be able to do anything with an ease of mind!” Yan Zi’s eyes were getting bloodshot as she spoke while she snarled with a killing intent. “I must definitely hunt him down to clarify things!”