His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 993 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (23)

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Chapter 993: The Truth Beneath the Truth (23)

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Yan Zi froze for a moment as a torrential wave of sourness swept through her. In truth, she had not considered the question of whether or not she would be forgiven.

She turned around and looked out of the window. She did not wish to speak of regret – after all, that is a rather pretentious subject.

Humans had to live life looking forward!

She had not expected that just as she had guessed, Chang Xiaoyang and Su Ya had known one another from long ago!

She was infuriated. “Indeed, Chang Xiaoyang had lied to me! However…” that’s good as well! If he hadn’t lied to her, she might have already killed Mo Feifei by now!

“When I woke up, I was in a villa in the capital and I couldn’t remember anything nor who I was. He was extremely attentive to me and initially, I thought that he might have been a kin or friend. That was the way until I spotted the words ‘sedative’ and ‘hypnotic’ in the medicine that he had given me. The combined use of these drugs long term would result in one’s memory functions getting weaker…”

Yan Zi lowered her head. “When you were in a coma, we had already injected you with a specially concocted medicine that would cause you to lose your memories. However, if we wanted you to lose it permanently, it would require you to continue consuming those ‘sedative’ and ‘hypnotic’ drugs after you woke up. How did you escape later on?”

“I pretended to know nothing about the drugs and that I hadn’t discovered anything at all. However, I did not eat those drugs at all and that helped my body recover gradually. Thereafter, I waited for a chance when he wasn’t noticing to run off.”

Yan Zi could only imagine how terrible the ordeal must have been.

And it was also because of these inhumane experiences that one would be able to maintain their composure in the face of grave dangers.

Tensely, Yan Zi spoke with uncertainty, “Capital, villa. I think I may know how to have Su Ya expose herself!”

Rong Mo did not wish for Yan Zi to put herself in danger. “What are you thinking of doing? Actually, I don’t need any gifts from you. It’s fine as long as you’re not on her side.”

At that, Yan Zi smiled with a radiant glow – her sunken heart no longer felt that heavy anymore.

She thought for a moment before asking, “Your brother-in-law, Lu Yanchen. Do you know what sort of a person he is?”

Rong Mo did not know why the subject had changed to Lu Yanchen all of a sudden.

“Even though Lu Yanchen has only stepped out on his own for a mere year, he has connections in many areas. If he wanted to find out about something and is unable to, no one else would be able to.”

Yan Zi did not believe that given Lu Yanchen’s intellect, he wouldn’t start suspecting anything about Shi Guang’s parents’ accident now that Shi Guang’s relationship with Old Master Su is exposed.

However, mere suspicion wouldn’t be useful – after all, that was an accident!

Without evidence, no matter how powerful one is, they wouldn’t be able to accuse another person of creating the accident!

Right at that moment, Chu Mubei was asking Lu Yanchen as well, “Su Ya has already left the Su Family? That’s great! That woman is bloody vicious! To think that she would try to frame Yiren! F*ck! That day I really had the urge to want to murder someone!”

His face was stern as he stood upright with a sharp gaze, looking bloodthirsty.

Lu Yanchen eyed him. “The car accident I mentioned previously, how’s the investigation coming along?”

“You’re referring to the one about Shi Guang’s parents? Indeed, something bizarre did come up. Right at that intersection, there was a CCTV servicing causing a break for 10+ minutes. And it was exactly during those 10+ minutes that the accident happened… isn’t it coincidental?”

Lu Yanchen’s face was icy cold.


Was it truly some uncanny coincidence or an intended one…?