His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 989 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (19)

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Chapter 989: The Truth Beneath the Truth (19)

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Su Ya was in no rush as she said calmly, “I now understand why some people hate it so much for Lu Yanchen and Shi Guang to be together. This is truly the most detestable combination in this world…”

“Let’s not beat around the bush. You can just tell me your mind straight,” Yan Zi raised her head and interrupted before yawning lazily. “Recently, I’ve gotten lazier staying in the hospital and don’t like to rack my brains. Just tell me what you want.”

Su Ya went silent for awhile and looked at Yan Zi deeply while contemplating, eventually getting to her point. “Shi Guang set me up intentionally and I’m no longer part of the Su Family!”

“What? That can’t be right? You getting set up by Shi Guang…?” Yan Zi was extremely surprised as she pondered. “But then again, Shi Guang isn’t a simple woman. What I’m more curious about is how you still got tricked so easily despite the exposure of your parentage.”

The mention of that had Su Ya gritting her teeth. “She’s pregnant. It couldn’t be any simpler for a pregnant woman to set others up. I’ll definitely not let her off!”

This was the first time that Su Ya was so straightforward in front of Yan Zi.

“However, she’s one of the Lus now. It’s too difficult to deal with her and hence I’m here to seek ideas from you.”

Yan Zi scoffed coldly internally.

Ideas? You’re just trying to make me the scapegoat!

“If you want me to give you ideas, you’ve got to tell me some things first. For example, when we bullied Mo Feifei back then, have you already known about the identity swap between you and Mo Feifei?”

Su Ya looked at her before curling her lips faintly. “Of course not! I knew nothing back then!”

“Is that so?” Yan Zi replied indifferently before stretching her arms. “I’m tired, I’ve got to rest now.”

Her meaning was clear: Since you’re lying to me, I won’t bother with helping you! Send yourself out!

Su Ya gripped her fist tightly before looking at Yan Zi deeply. However, Yan Zi still yawned as though she was extremely tired out.

Su Ya did not display any bit of dissatisfaction that she felt as she smiled calmly and spoke with a hint of resignation, “We’ve been friends for so many years now. Are you sure you want to burn the bridge with me at my toughest period?”

“Friends?” Yan Zi laughed coldly and looked at Su Ya.

She gave a bizarre gaze and spoke with a cool sarcastic tone, “Other than the fact that I was also working with Shi Ze to deal with the Lus, I’ve told you everything else about me. Besides, my relationship with Shi Ze wasn’t hidden from you on purpose. It was because I’ve already had an agreement with him that we wouldn’t let anyone else know about us back when we agreed to cooperate. But Su Ya, you’ve kept too many things from me. Even if I’m your friend, I won’t give you any ideas given the sheer amount of things I don’t know about.”

“But I’ve already told you everything, Yan Zi!” Su Ya declared with certainty.

Yan Zi’s lips curled without the slightest hint of amusement as she replied with a bored expression, “You can leave, I’m tired…”

“Don’t you hate the Lus anymore? I don’t believe that you haven’t got any bit of fighting spirit left in you!” Su Ya narrowed her gaze, trying to incite Yan Zi…