His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 988 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (18)

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Chapter 988: The Truth Beneath the Truth (18)

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Those words forced back the tears that Su Ya were about to squeeze out.

“Besides, even if your grandma swapped her child, does that mean that they’re not your family anymore? If you really take grandpa as your real grandpa, you wouldn’t want to show your face before him during this period of time. Grandpa will only get angry and feel sad when he sees your faces. If you truly love grandpa as you’ve repeated time and again, you should keep your distance from him now.”

Shi Guang’s words started from questioning Su Ya’s intent to explaining why it was logical for them to leave the house, leaving Su Ya speechless entirely.

She could no longer use her emotions as an excuse nor beg for sympathy as Shi Guang had blocked her path of doing so entirely. Under the disdainful gazes of the Su Family, Su Ya was close to suffering internal injuries from keeping her anger within.

Just as Su Dongqian was about to mutter something else, Su Ya glared at him fiercely.

She then led the pack and left.

As she passed by Shi Guang, she whispered, “Don’t get cocky just yet. No one knows the true winner till the end of the road!”

Xu Yafeng glared at them bitterly in indignance as she passed them by, her features contorted with rage and hatred that she was holding back.

Shi Guang’s smile was bright all the while.

The departure of Su Ya’s family did not seem to have caused much of a stir within the Su Family – they were exceptionally elated over Shi Guang’s return instead.

In the car, Xu Yafeng barked, “That family really has no goddamn conscience! They’re not even giving us any face despite us having lived together for so many years! I’ll see how long they can be gleeful for! The moment they are down on their feet, I’ll be the first one there…”

She continued ranting endlessly.

Beside her, Su Dongqian’s face was equally frustrated as he joined her. Su Ya did not berate them like before. She was leaning against the chair in deep silence, her face particularly dark.

Midway, she got off the car and took a taxi to the hospital herself.

Yan Zi was in the midst of her meal when Su Ya burst through the door. Yan Zi then smiled. “What are you doing here so late at night?”

Su Ya sat down in a chair beside. “When are you going to stay in the hospital till?”

Yan Zi put her chopsticks down and sipped a mouthful of soup. “I don’t know. This hospital is quite decent and the wards feel just like a hotel. Since I’ve got nowhere to go, I may as well stay here for a couple of months since someone’s paying for my hospitalization fees anyways.”

Yan Zi’s nonchalant expression had Su Ya scowling with a serious look. “Get discharged!” My best helper, I need you right now!

Yan Zi looked at her. “Why do you need me discharged so suddenly?”

“Everything that’s happened in the Su Family the past few days is no longer a secret within the circle. I’m sure given your connections, there’s no way you know nothing about it at all?” Su Ya asked directly.

Naturally, there’s no way Yan Zi knew nothing.

She chuckled. “I know a little, but I thought that they were just rumours and just couldn’t bring myself to believe it. The fact that you’re not of the Su Family and Shi Guang is? Impossible!”

Su Ya’s face turned cold. “No, it’s for real!”

Yan Zi and Su Ya locked eyes for a few seconds as Su Ya’s gaze flashed with a frosty trace – even though it looked arrogant, it was in reality endless rage.

While Yan Zi did not know the details, she knew that Su Ya was definitely at her wits end.

She wiped her mouth. “So, you came looking for me today because of this? What can I help you with?”