His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 984 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (14)

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Chapter 984: The Truth Beneath the Truth (14)

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One could say that the orphanage portion was a coincidence. However, when Xu Yue’er was alive, she was always bragging to her neighbours that she had a son who had grown up in a big official’s family and was someone big himself now as well while her grandsons and granddaughters were extremely competent.

That was clearly no coincidence then.

All her neighbours thought that she was spewing bullshit but in reality, she was referring to Su Ya’s family.

Besides, 50 years ago, women would be sleeping in a common ward that consists of 4-6 beds after giving birth.

Of course, if they were in the same ward, one could say that carrying away someone’s child was a mistake.

But if they were in different wards? How could there be a mistake, especially when the child hadn’t even been carried out.

Lining everything up together, it was easy to deduce that there was no mistake that those two were mixed up in the past.

Xu Yue’er had swapped the child intentionally to allow her son to enjoy life in another person’s family while she dumped the other person’s child into the orphanage to die on his own!

Everyone’s gazes were focused onto Xu Yafeng at the moment with an endless amount of disdain and hatred – just how scary was this woman?!

Even though she was not the one who did the swap, she knew about everything right from the beginning!

Su Ya stealthily turned around and grit her teeth before looking at Xu Yafeng with an expression of surprise. “Mummy, what’s going on? Hurry and tell me, just what is going on? Who is this Xu Yue’er?!”

At this moment, the only thing she could do was to push everything to her mother and pretend as though everything had nothing to do with her!

Old Master Su almost snapped the walking cane he was gripping.

One’s tolerance level towards kin and outsiders was entirely different. This was especially the case now that Old Master Su had found out that his own son was swapped away by someone else!

An uncontrollable rage shot forth from the bottom of his guts as he slammed his walking cane on the coffee table. “YOU GUYS, GET OUT…!”


It was as though he had exerted every single bit of his strength as that resolute slap rang through the silent living room.

Su Ya knelt down on the ground and sobbed. “Grandpa, I don’t know anything at all! I really don’t…!”

His wrath was endless as Old Master Su’s chest heaved up and down heavily, gritting his teeth.

His gaze towards Su Ya no longer contained any bit of warmth and was nothing but cold. “Don’t call me grandpa ever again! Get lost with your parents!”

“Even if they did anything, I’m innocent! Grandpa, you’re the one I love the most in my heart! Grandpa…!”

If this was under normal circumstances, Old Master Su’s heart might have softened…

However, this woman had just laid her hands on his precious granddaughter today right in his house. He then recalled how his granddaughter spoke of this woman bullying Mo Feifei – his other granddaughter – in school with that Yang Sitong!

The fact that his other granddaughter’s location was unknown right now had him hopping with a mad rage.

“If you want to blame, blame your heartless grandmother for stealing my child and tossing him in an orphanage such that he suffered so much and passed away at such a tender age…! He left behind two of my granddaughters and they too had to suffer through life…!”

Su Ya’s fist was nearly breaking from how hard she was gripping them.

She cried with an unparalleled misery. “Grandpa, I wasn’t even born yet when my grandmother did those things! In my heart, you are my kin, grandpa! Please, grandpa! Please don’t chase me away and abandon me!!!”