His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 983 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (13)

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Chapter 983: The Truth Beneath the Truth (13)

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“Grandpa, I’ve got some things here. You can take a look at them.”

Old Master Su’s expression softened as he asked, “What?”

He then added out of worry, “What about Shi Guang? How is she now?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply him. Instead, he opened the information he had just received on his phone and placed it before Old Master Su in front of everyone else.

Wearing his presbyopia glasses, Old Master Su raised the phone and looked at it with squinted eyes.

Su Ya suddenly felt a sense of fluster as a voice started telling her in her heart that the contents of that phone must not be good.

And indeed, flames of rage began to burn through Old Master Su’s eyes as he watched the video.

Knitting his eyebrows tightly, he turned towards Su Ya and Xu Yafeng.

“The gall. THE GALL OF YOU GUYS!” He rapped his walking cane fiercely onto the ground multiple times.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Those knocks reverberated through the air as no one dared to say anything!

Qianxun’s face turned pale as she rushed to her father right away. “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Old Master Su did not reply her, merely passing her the phone as her eyes widened with disbelief upon watching.

Su Qiudao and his wife were both worried as well, asking hurriedly, “Just what is going on here?”

After Qianxun watched the entire video, she scoffed coldly to Xu Yafeng, “If you guys don’t know anything about the parentage issue, why are you giving this person called Xu Yue’er monthly allowance? Who is this Xu Yue’er? Why are you giving her money?!”

Xu Yafeng’s face was stumped while Su Ya lowered her head, gripping her fists tightly.

“Xu Yue’er? Who is that?” Su Qiudao asked.

“M-M-My… auntie! Isn’t it normal for me to give her living expenses out of filiality?” Xu Yafeng stammered.

Su Qiudao took the phone over and looked through the information. “Xu Yue’er was a woman who had stayed next door to mother when she gave birth to elder brother.”

He then continued reading and looked at Xu Yafeng. “You’ve been giving her money monthly for her living expenses for about 30 years until she passed away. And you’re saying that this person is your auntie? But how come we know nothing about this auntie of yours even though you’ve been married to Dongqian?”

Xu Yafeng’s body swayed unsteadily as her face was turning paler by the moment. Instantly, she barked out, “That’s because she’s poor! I’m embarrassed to have such a poor relative and hence I mentioned nothing about her!”

It was a futile rebuttal. Even though there was no concrete evidence, Lu Yanchen’s information that was uncovered was extremely specific.

No one would have guessed that he would go about researching on the parentage issue through bank accounts. That’s how he discovered an unused card of Xu Yafeng’s that she had not used to spend on anything at all other than to transfer money to a specific account monthly.

Through the accounts, he found out about the owner of the other party – a woman named Xu Yue’er.

She had already passed away.

She was single her entire life. However, she had gotten married when she was younger and had a child. Yet, not only did her husband pass away, she even lost that son of hers as well.

Through further investigation, Lu Yanchen found out that the husband hadn’t passed away – he had abandoned her because of debts. At the same time, she did not lose that son – she had abandoned him herself at an orphanage.

Shi Guang’s father had been sent to the orphanage by someone.