His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 982 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (12)

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Chapter 982: The Truth Beneath the Truth (12)

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Standing behind Shi Guang was Lu Yanchen, leaning against the wall with a casual, nonchalant pose as he watched the drama unfold with a graceful charm.

As for the doctor, he stood at the bedside looking at them in shock… he had just measured Shi Guang’s pulse1 and found that she wasn’t pregnant at all. Hence, there was no possibility that this was a miscarriage.

However, the man in the room bore a domineering and lethal gaze that was looming over him with a hint of warning.

It was so chilling that the doctor couldn’t ignore it at all – this was the authority of someone that has always been on the upper hand of things.

The doctor could only keep silent and obey their instructions.

“Shi Littly,” Lu Yanchen lowered his volume. “What are you playing at?”

“I want my grandpa to live a long and good life…”

The doctor chimed in calmly, “The way you’re getting Old Master Su worked up right now, what if he suffers angina again?”

Shi Guang looked at him. “That’ll be just this once anyways. But if I let them continue to stay in this house, grandpa’s going to suffer just by their presence daily.”

The doctor kept silent – she was right indeed.

After knowing that his son was swapped at birth and he had taken care of another person’s son for the past 50 years while letting his own son suffer outside and eventually pass away at an early age, there was no way anyone would feel good looking at the foster son after that knowledge.

Lu Yanchen contemplated for a moment before asking, “You want to blame Su Ya for the ‘miscarriage’”?

Shi Guang sniggered. “What if the mistaken pregnancy was planned by the Heavens just for today?”

That reply had Lu Yanchen frowning as he flicked her forehead.

“Ow!” Shi Guang gasped out before looking at him pitifully, bearing an irresistible charm.

She shook his elbow. “Don’t get angry, nonono okaayyyy…”

The doctor could only watch with a gaping mouth. “…”

This reminded him of a song.

<As the cold dog food splashes onto one’s face, it mixes together with one’s tears.

The colours of life are temporarily faded against the love of the dog food.

You’re just like a lunatic showing off your love while my stomach is being pumped full of dog food.

The torturing of a single dog is the most painful accident one could have…>

Lu Yanchen’s phone suddenly rang as he looked at the screen and frowned.

Looking at Shi Guang, he said, “Don’t go and set her up again in the future…” This Su Ya was no kind soul. He was afraid that Shi Guang might end up on the losing end if he’s not around.

Shi Guang puffed her cheeks and looked at him aggrievedly. “Who said that I was the one setting her up? She was the one who was trying to do it to me. I didn’t even touch her and she fell down, wanting to tell everyone that I did it. If that’s the case, why can’t the sharp me return the pain onto her? I’m a pregnant woman…!”

With that, Shi Guang raised her hips and tummy.

Lu Yanchen then fondled her head endearingly. “Alright, stay in the room. Leave the rest to me.”

She pouted her lips. “Why? What are you going out for?”

He smirked. “To do what you want to.”

He then opened the door and walked out.

Outside, Su Ya was still crying and professing her innocence to Old Master Su.

The moment Lu Yanchen walked out, she looked at him and asked, “How’s Shi Guang!”

She wanted to enter the room but was blocked by Lu Yanchen. He then walked before Old Master Su…

  1. It is a common practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine to measure one’s pulse to have a gauge of their conditions