His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 981 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (11)

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Chapter 981: The Truth Beneath the Truth (11)

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The circumstances changed immediately as Su Ya was tongue tied, caught at a loss by Shi Guang once more.

To think that this darned woman would claim that her tummy was aching! Her pregnancy was already made known to the entire world – wasn’t this akin to telling the world that her child was in danger?

Against the word of a pregnant woman, even if Su Ya said that Shi Guang was the one who bumped into her, no one would believe her at all!

What should she do now?

Leave, of course! She had to get out of this place so that Shi Guang could not pin the blame onto her!

However, just as she got up, Qianxun and Su Qiudao’s wife had already rushed over and were shocked to find Shi Guang on the ground.

“Shi Guang, how are you?!” Qianxun dashed over. “Are you feeling alright?!”

Shi Guang was gripping onto the handrails and wincing. “It hurts. My tummy… my tummy hurts…!”

Because Old Master Su hadn’t been feeling too well recently, the doctor had been residing right in the house as Qianxun hurried Su Qiudao’s wife to get the doctor over.

Lu Yanchen and Old Master Su caught wind of the affair as well. Thinking that Su Ya had pushed her over, Lu Yanchen pushed Su Ya who was standing in the middle of the way, causing her to knock against the handrail heavily and lost her breath.

He bent over to carry Shi Guang up, hearing her yelling, “My stomach hurts! My baby…!”

She was gripping onto his arm before giving him a momentary grip.

Looking down at her, he did not know whether to laugh or cry for a moment. This woman… he’ll deal with her later!

Without saying anything more, he carried her into a guest room before calling the doctor over.

The moment the doctor entered, Lu Yanchen closed the door.

Outside, the Su Family was in chaos.

Old Master Su flew into a rage, questioning what was going on. All the answers he heard pointed to Su Ya as the one who had pushed Shi Guang over.

Unable to control his wrath, he flung his cup onto the ground!!

“That incident about Qianxun, I was about to let it go seeing that no one got hurt in the end! To think that you would get even worse and lay your hands on a pregnant woman!?”

Qianxun’s face was so flushed that she could explode.

She truly had not expected that Shi Guang would have this trick up her sleeve!

How was that woman so devious to make use of her baby as a shield!

What should she do now?!

Even if she claimed that Shi Guang was the one who knocked her over, no one would believe her – why would a pregnant woman go fight against others?

Looking at how Old Master Su was about to faint from anger, Su Ya sobbed and complained, “Grandpa, I don’t know! I really don’t know what happened! I met Shi Guang on the stairs and chatted with her on the pretext of getting along! However, not only did she not agree, she even scolded me a sl*t and a b*stard child, asking me to get out of the Su Family! I endured everything, wanting nothing more than to make peace with her and for the family to be harmonious! I honestly didn’t touch her at all and I don’t know how she fell from the stairs!”

“Father, you’ve watched our Yaya grow up! She has always known her limits, so why would she go push a pregnant woman? You’ve watched her since she was a child, don’t you trust her character? Father… it’s clear that Yaya’s being framed! This is not something she would do! Even if she’s not blood related to you, your relationship over the years was not something that was faked!” Xu Yafeng bawled out at the side in indignance as well.

Shi Guang pinned her head against the door, eavesdropping on the situation outside…