His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 979 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (9)

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Chapter 979: The Truth Beneath the Truth (9)

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On the contrary, her indifferent attitude had Shi Guang feeling even more worried. “Did they continue to create a ruckus upon returning?”

“No. After we got back, father was tired and returned to his room. Su Ya came looking for me, still trying to convince me that the incident had nothing to do with her…” However, once the seeds of doubt had been planted, it was hard to erase it entirely – whether or not Shen Yiren had anything to do with the incident, Su Ya definitely had a connection to it.

“It’s all because of me. If not for me, she wouldn’t have done that.” Shi Guang felt guilty.

“What has it got to do with you? It’s just that some people are just way too selfish.” For the sake of their aims, they would go through all means, even if it comes to sacrificing relationships.

Qianxun smiled faintly. “After this incident, I truly feel that Su Ya’s entire family is way too heartless. I’m worried for my father and I don’t really want them to continue residing in the Su Family.”

Shi Guang turned around in shock, looking at Qianxun’s contemplative demeanour.

She had not expected that Qianxun would have the same thoughts as her.

“But that will have to depend on daddy as well. Even if they aren’t blood related, we’ve been getting along for so many years and taking them as our kin. Now that daddy has told the whole world that your father is his real son, the eldest of the Su Family and you’re his real granddaughter, that is akin to declaring that Dongqian’s family is not a real part of the Sus. If they were to move out, things wouldn’t go that smoothly for them…” The Sus were not comparable to the Lus and relationships in the world were always complex.

“Is there a difference?” Shi Guang asked gently.

“Daddy is someone of a high moral standing. If they were chased out, it would mean that they’ve been abandoned by the Su Family! If that’s the case, no one can imagine what they would encounter in the future!”

“But what if they were to hurt grandpa?”

Qianxun sighed. “Su Ya has really chilled my heart. If it’s just me, so be it. However, I’m worried that they might move their intents onto daddy! Besides, there’s no reason for us to chase their family out just like that. If they were to spout nonsense outside that it’s due to the parentage issue, that would end up shining a bad light onto daddy!”

Shi Guang bit her lips – that was indeed the case.

Grandpa was someone with a high moral standing and respected by many outside – he must absolutely not be slandered.

Deep in her thoughts, she remained silent for a moment. Turning around, she caught sight of Su Ya walking over from the distance, eyeing them with a scrutinizing gaze.

The moment Su Ya caught sight of her, she smiled and walked over, exchanging pleasantries. “Little auntie, Shi Guang…”

It was a calm and nonchalant attitude as though nothing had happened between them in the past.

Qianxun nodded her head in reply still. Shi Guang however glared at her, causing Su Ya’s face to turn pale slightly as she stumbled back a couple of steps, as though frightened.


Shi Guang was exceptionally speechless.

Would someone so scheming be scared of a mere stare?

However, the fact that Su Ya was so rattled proved that she had something to hide.

Shi Guang strode away instantly, hearing Su Ya’s voice drift out from the distance as she told Qianxun, “Why must Shi Guang treat me like this…”

Shi Guang was truly bemused – does Su Ya really expect that she would maintain that farce of harmony with her?

If that’s the case, how could Shi Guang get them chased out of the family?

No, she would create as much trouble as possible! That way, there would be an excuse to chase this family out of the Sus!