His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 978 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (8)

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Chapter 978: The Truth Beneath the Truth (8)

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Even Uncle Wang who had served Old Master Su for most of his life could not stop his tears despite his old age.

Looking at how everyone were weeping, Su Ya and Xu Yafeng squeezed out some crocodile tears from a distance as well.

Su Ya even sobbed and declared to Old Master Su, “Whether or not we’re blood related, you’ll always be my dear grandpa in my heart…”

Shi Guang took it as though Su Ya was non-existent nor did she take in anything Su Ya said, merely looking at Lu Yanchen.

Instantly, he whipped out their wedding invitation and handed it to Su Qiudao and his wife who received it with smiles.

“Grandpa, you’re the same standing as my grandma so I don’t have to give you an invitation card. Please take good care of your health so that you can attend my wedding.”

“I’ll definitely be there!” Old Master Su patted her hand. “I’ll make sure you have a grand marriage!”

His son had grew up in an orphanage without anyone adopting him at all.

Now that his granddaughter was about to get married while his son had passed away… how could he let the wedding go on with just her maternal family? There’s a must for people from her paternal family to be present!

Therefore, he must definitely take good care of himself and not let this child down – he must do something for this child now that he can!

Or rather, Old Master Su was probably feeling the regret for not being able to acknowledge his son while the latter was alive and he wanted to give back all that love to Shi Guang, hence the torrential display of love right after they had reunited.

The level of doting had surpassed even that he had for Qianxun as he gathered everyone of the Su Family right that very day without any considerations to declare that he had reunited with his granddaughter. At the same time, he mentioned about Mo Feifei, Shi Guang’s sister who was ‘recuperating overseas’.

That was akin to him declaring to the world that Su Dongqian was not his son.

Xu Yafeng bolted into her room and shut the doors while calling her son to complain about how heartless Old Master Su was to turn his back on them just like that.

Old Master Su spent the entire time talking to Shi Guang about everything under the sun. Worried that he might be worn out, Shi Guang wanted him to rest but at that moment, Old Master Su’s vigour was extremely robust and he even wanted to play chess with Lu Yanchen.

However, everyone else were still worried and only relented after having the family doctor give him a check with the diagnosis that his health had turned better with the euphoria he was experiencing.

Hence, Old Master Su still wanted to test this grandson-in-law to be of his. Shi Guang instructed Lu Yanchen that he must absolutely bring Old Master Su to rest right away if the latter showed any signs of fatigue while playing chess.

Su Qiudao’s wife then brought Shi Guang for a tour around the place.

Unlike the Lus’ place, the Sus’ place was a simple mansion. Even through the renovation, one could tell that they didn’t spend too much money on it. However, there were many antique paintings and the style of the house was aged as well – a clear sign that Old Master Su was a sentimental man.

When Su Qiudao’s wife caught sight of Qianxun, she handed Shi Guang over to the latter since there were still guests over and they were all elders, hence she had to attend to them.

Even though she had watched Su Ya grow up as a child, Su Qiudao’s wife just could not bring herself to like her that much – perhaps it was because of her parents.

However, even though she had only met Shi Guang a couple of times, she already felt close to Shi Guang.

She could not help but lament about the different sorts of affinities people have with one another.

Shi Guang looked at Qianxun and touched her face. “Does it still hurt?”

Qianxun pulled her hand down. “No, don’t worry about it. I’m fine. All the scenes in my movies where I’ve been slapped were all real. Hence, this is nothing much.”