His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 977 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (7)

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Chapter 977: The Truth Beneath the Truth (7)

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Lu Yanchen turned around to see Shi Guang with a pale face, clearly affected by something that Xu Yafeng had said earlier on.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think that Su Ya’s entire family is really way too frightening. Even though Old Master Su has no blood relation with them, he raised Su Dongqian as well as nurtured Su Ya and Su Wencheng! How much love was that? Even after he found out about the parentage, he hadn’t done anything to them at all and yet Xu Yafeng could spout out nasty words such as how the old man’s going to die soon? Don’t you think that’s too merciless? Thinking about what Su Ya had done to Qianxun, I really think that this family is one that would resort to anything just for their own desires! Do you think that they’ll hurt Old Master Su one day if they continue to stay in the Su Family?

Shi Guang spilled her worries.

Lu Yanchen’s gaze turned sharp and cold. “We’ll chase them out of the Su Family, far away from Old Master Su then.”

“I think that should be the way as well. Keeping a family as such close to one is way too scary. However, they’ve been together for such a long time. One would have feelings for cats and dogs, let alone a son. Also, I can tell that Old Master Su is someone really sentimental…”

“Or perhaps, you can leave this issue for Qianxun to handle.”

“…” Those were Shi Guang’s thoughts exactly.

The helper opened the door and welcomed the both of them into the house as Su Qiudao’s wife came forth and greeted Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen warmly.

She explained while introducing herself, “Old Master Su has just woken up and the doctor said that there’s actually nothing much. His heart merely clenched up due to his old age and sudden agitation. Do remind him not to get too worked up in the future when you see him later…”

Ever since the exposure of the parentage issue, Old Master Su had been upstairs the entire time without even heading down for a meal.

He had just awoken when he received the news from Qianxun that Shi Guang had arrived. Immediately, he asked Qianxun to support him downstairs.

The living room was brightly lit as sunlight illuminated the entire place radiantly.

Hearing someone head down the stairs, Shi Guang turned around instinctively and came to face Old Master Su directly, standing upright with a youthful smile on her face.

She could only lament inwardly about how tired Old Master Su looked compared to just yesterday.

Walking downstairs slowly, Old Master Su’s mind was stuck in the yesteryears – this was the way his wife had smiled the first time he met her as well.

If his wife could know that they had a granddaughter as such, she would definitely be overwhelmed with joy.

All of a sudden, Old Master Su’s crestfallen heart found a new spark once more.

“You’re here,” Unable to control his emotions, his eyes misted and reddened as he could only say those two words despite the many things he wanted to express.

Meeting that emotional gaze of his that was filled with love and warmth and hearing that gentle and doting tone of his, Shi Guang’s heart could not help but melt.

It was as though something was wrapping her heart from within.

“Grandpa!” She called out tenderly.

Old Master Su held back the steaming tears that were about to stream down his face as he gripped Shi Guang’s hand tightly. “Good child, good child! You’ve suffered all these years!”

As he spoke, his throat choked up while tears slid down his cheeks.

Shi Guang hugged him tightly right away as she could merely hear him mumble, “Everything’s good now that you’re home, now that you’re home…”

Instantly, she could not control her tears as well.

Even the women and helpers watching at the sides were wiping their tears away…