His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 976 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (6)

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Chapter 976: The Truth Beneath the Truth (6)

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Old Master Su was old now and his thoughts were all over the place, wondering if Su Dongqian’s family had known about their family background or if they had found out about it midway or from the beginning. He thought about how he had visited orphanages in the past and saw how pitiful the children there were.

These depressing thoughts caused his heart to clench in pain…

Shi Guang had intended to head over to the Sus’ place with Lu Yanchen in the afternoon. However, she received a phone call from Qianxun telling her that Old Master Su had fallen ill.

Instantly, Shi Guang wondered if something had happened to Old Master Su because of her spilling the beans.

Looking at Shi Guang’s pale expression, Lu Yanchen hugged her right away. “Don’t worry, Old Master Su’s fine.”

“I… I know.” Shi Guang smiled, but her chest was still feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

Taking over an invitation card, he laughed. “The elderly always love crowds and joyous events. If we give this to him, he’ll definitely be overjoyed and he’ll recover faster as well.”

Shi Guang nodded her head and the both of them headed over to the Sus.

She even brought soup that she had cooked personally. Earlier on, she gave Qianxun a call asking about what she should bring given that this was her first time meeting grandpa formally. Eventually, she settled on boiling soup personally.

The moment Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen arrived at the Sus place, they caught sight of Su Dongqian and Xu Yafeng fighting at the entrance.

Su Dongqian broke free of Xu Yafeng who was grabbing his arm before driving off in his car, leaving her in an angry huff. When Xu Yafeng caught sight of Shi Guang coming out from the car, she was even more fed up. “Little bitch, why are you here?!”

In less than a day after the secret of parentage had been revealed, Old Master Su had ordered for the DNA tests to be done at lightning speed.

Not only that, Su Qiudao’s entire family had moved back as well and their families has long been at odds. Lastly, now that the helpers in the house know that they are not blood related with the Sus, their attitudes have changed entirely.

Everything caused Xu Yafeng to be boiling with anger and yet, she couldn’t think of a way to help her son and daughter.

She was spiteful at how useless her husband was and his inability to do anything to Su Qiudao. If he couldn’t do anything on a normal basis, so be it. But even at such a juncture, all he did was have fun outside! Unable to control her temper, that resulted in the fight they had.

But despite that, Su Dongqian gave her the slip. Nowhere to vent her frustrations, she threw everything onto Shi Guang the moment she caught sight of her.

Shi Guang eyed her coldly, carrying a hint of disdain through her gaze.

That caused Xu Yafeng to explode! In her fuming rage, she lost control in her choice of words. “Little bitch, what are you acting all proud of! That old man won’t live for much longer! You won’t be gleeful for that much longer either, b*tch…”

The door of the car opened as Lu Yanchen walked down. The moment he heard her remarks, he picked up a trash bin that was nearby and threw it with a backswing.


Xu Yafeng was hit squarely on the body.

She was so rattled that she shrieked out wildly, stumbling backwards before falling over.

Standing tall and looking down at her, Lu Yanchen coldly said, “If I hear those dirty words being spouted from your lips once more, it won’t be just a trash bin that’ll be landing on you!”

With that, he brought Shi Guang with him into the house.

Shi Guang’s face was pale as she turned around and looked at the stumped Xu Yafeng.

Xu Yafeng’s words ran circles around her mind, causing her to feel really uneasy…