His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 975 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (5)

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Chapter 975: The Truth Beneath the Truth (5)

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For that, Shen Yiren would have planned the timing more meticulously.

On the other hand, even though Su Ya seemed as though she had no links to the entire incident, she was the one that benefitted the most out of it.

If I had truly been raped by that man… the effects of those drugs weren’t that strong. If I tell anyone that I had been drugged, no one would believe me and would most likely think that I had done it with that man willingly.

In any case, the end result of the incident was to prevent her from getting together with Lu Yanzhi.

Perhaps it was Su Ya, perhaps it was Shen Yiren. Or perhaps, it was the both of them conspiring…

However, Qianxun could not bring herself to believe it no matter what. After all, even if they weren’t blood related, they had been living together for so many years. Would Su Ya truly be as Shi Guang had described – someone so merciless to hurt her own kin so as to protect her own secret?

Su Qiudao got people he could trust and oversaw the entire process personally. Within an hour, the DNA test results were done and within a single day, the DNA relationship test was rushed out as well.

The moment he received the results, Su Qiudao placed both reports in front of Old Master Su.

The first report declared that there was no blood relation between Old Master Su and Su Dongqian.

Even though he had already known about it the previous day and was mostly convinced, the reality of the results still had Old Master Su stunned for a moment.

He then opened up the other relationship report – it was Su Qianxun and Shi Guang’s and it determined their relationship as kin.

“Dad, when should we receive Shi Guang back home then?” Su Qiudao truly did not like that older brother of his – someone who was both greedy and hypocritical. In the past, he would bear with it on account that this person was his elder brother. But now, there was no room for that anymore.

He truly wanted this quack of a brother to leave the family.

“I’ve already had Qianxun go call her yesterday. She should be coming today with Lu Yanchen and that child.” Shi Guang’s face flashed through Old Master Su’s face – she truly resembled his wife. No wonder he had an instant fancy for her the first time he met her.

“Dad, this entire affair is truly too incredulous. Should we investigate this further?”

“How many years has it been now? Dongqian is almost 50 this year. Investigating an incident that happened 50 years ago? That’s like looking for a pin in a haystack.” Old Master Su’s expression was rather terrible.

He had helped someone raise a son while his own son was left in an orphanage. Not only that, he had passed away at a tender age… and the most regrettable thing was that he had met that talented lad back then as well! He had lamented to himself about how nice it would be if his son was as capable as that lad.

To think that the lad would actually be his real son!

And he had just passed him by!

“Dad, do you think that Dongqian’s family had something to do with this child swapping? How much does he know about it? Was it truly an accident or did someone swap them?”

The questions of his second son were the exact thoughts in Old Master Su’s mind.

Dongqian had a deep relationship with his wife. Back when their firstborn had just arrived, his wife would hardly sleep at night, worried that she might end up neglecting her son.

Even though many would claim that parents always love the youngest child most, his wife loved their oldest son the most.

There were many times when Old Master Su wondered if the reason why his oldest son had gone astray was because they had doted too much on him.

But now, it didn’t seem that way – it must be in the genes.

If his wife had found out that the son she had doted many years on was someone else’s while her own was raised in an orphanage, she would definitely rise from the grave!

If it was an accident, so be it.

But if someone had swapped them intentionally, he must not let Dongqian and his family remain in the Su Family – whether they had anything to do with it at all!