His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 974 - : The Truth Beneath the Truth (4)

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Chapter 974: The Truth Beneath the Truth (4)

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He was speaking about such embarrassing stuff as though they were just casual talk! Shi Guang cleared her throat, somewhat shy but declared firmly, “Don’t worry, I won’t!”

“Oh, is that so?” Lu Yanchen fondled her cheeks as he smirked deeply, clearly scheming before lowering his head and started assaulting those cherry lips of hers with deep, entwining kisses.

Shi Guang could barely breathe through his kisses.

When Lu Yanchen let go of her, she bit him on the lips before pushing him away, acting all huffed up with a serious expression. “I’m telling you, no fooling around! If you dare to set me up again, I’m going to divorce you!”

She lowered her voice and growled, looking like a cute little kitten instead.

Lu Yanchen could only lament inwardly about how much he loved this woman.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he kissed her once more. Unlike previously, this was a domineering kiss that reeked of assertion… it was as though he wanted to swallow her whole!

Using his trained techniques, he had gained the upper hand. Coupled with his knowledge of Shi Guang’s body, it didn’t take long before she started dripping wet below.

Lu Yanchen’s breathing was getting rougher as his fingers started getting naughtier.

Suddenly, as though she had realised something, Shi Guang declared first before he entered, “I don’t want to! Not now, really…!”

“…” He had been enduring for long enough, there was no way he was going to continue enduring right now. Perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing that she wasn’t pregnant either.

“… Hold on, hold on! Get the condoms! The condoms!” Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to escape this, Shi Guang reminded.


On her way home, Qianxun gave a call to the second son of the Su Family – Su Qiudao.

Initially, Old Master Su had hoped that the family would all stay together under one roof. However, the first son – Su Dongqian – and the second son – Su Qiudao – were always at odds. Later on, Su Qiudao decided to just move out.

Because of her work, Su Qianxun was rarely home as well and as time went by, she got her own apartment too.

Now that something like this had struck the Su Family, there was no way Qianxun could set her mind at ease letting Old Master Su stay in the Su residence alone. However, Old Master Su refused to stay with her as well and hence, she could only give her second brother a call.

After they got back, Su Qiudao had already arrived with his wife and children. His wife did not know what was going on either, merely that her husband was rushing them back to stay here.

The moment Su Ya returned and caught sight of Su Qiudao’s family, she was pissed to death but yet, she couldn’t do anything.

Qianxun related the entire day’s events pertaining to the family lineage to Su Qiudao.

He was shocked and in disbelief as he asked Qianxun repeatedly, “You mean to say that eldest brother isn’t our eldest brother?”

Qianxun nodded her head.

Old Master Su was truly worn out. Wanting to rest, he instructed Su Qiudao to go run two sets of DNA tests before asking Qianxun to go rest as well so that she could have a good rest. At the same time, he asked her to get Shi Guang over to the Sus’ place the next day.

Qianxun watched over Old Master Su and only returned to her room after he fell asleep.

Lying on her bed, she couldn’t get to sleep no matter what. Su Ya said that Shi Guang was the one behind everything today, but Qianxun knew that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Her first suspect had been Shen Yiren because firstly, she didn’t know Shen Yiren all that well and secondly, Shen Yiren fancied Lu Yanzhi.

But following Shen Yiren’s statement, if Shen Yiren had wanted to do anything to her, why would she tell Shi Guang about her own condition that early on?

Besides, Qianxun could sense that the drug in the wine wasn’t some normal aphrodisiac or sex drug that would boost her libido that heavily. If Shen Yiren wanted to frame her, she should have expected that Qianxun would put up some sort of defence.