His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 973 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (3)

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Chapter 973: The Truth Beneath the Truth (3)

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Lu Yanchen brought Shi Guang to the hospital for the most basic of all pregnancy checks.

The doctor looked at the report, then at Shi Guang. He then looked back at the report, then at Lu Yanchen once more.

Suddenly, Shi Guang felt a strange tension in the air – could she really have hurt the child during the fight earlier?

Somewhat nervous, she asked, “Doctor, how’s everything?”

“How’s what?” The doctor asked in reverse.

“The child?”

“What child?” The doctor placed the report down expressionlessly, lamenting about how the younger generation are not doing things properly – shouldn’t these children buy a pregnancy test kit to check properly before coming to the hospital to determine if they’re pregnant?

Both Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen were stunned as they looked at one another in disbelief. Lu Yanchen then looked at the doctor. “What do you mean by that?”

Leaning back against his chair, he replied, “What child! Your wife isn’t pregnant at all!”

“AH!” Shi Guang’s eyes widened. “How can that be?!”

After her initial shock, her heart was actually filled with joy – she wasn’t pregnant! This was great!

However, when she caught sight of the ghastly expression on Lu Yanchen’s face, she repressed her joy and looked at the doctor. “But it did seem that way recently! My appetite isn’t all that great and I just feel nauseous the moment I see oily food! Even after taking digestive pills, nothing seems to help! After I bought a pregnancy test kit, it showed that I was pregnant as well!”

“The results of pregnancy kits aren’t always accurate. But don’t worry, you guys are still young. After every session, just take a pillow and rest it below your waist. That will help the sperm flow in…”

“Huh? Fufu…” Shi Guang laughed awkwardly before pulling the cold, handsome Lu Yanchen out from the side.

His voice was icy cold. “Why are you not pregnant? I thought you checked previously?”

“I did check! It was two lines!” Shi Guang pouted her lips in innocence.

“Just to be safe, let’s change a hospital for another check…”

“I don’t think there’s a need?!”

Lu Yanchen insisted and brought Shi Guang to another hospital only to receive the same answer – they hadn’t struck the grand prize!

Back at home, Shi Guang peeked at the moody Lu Yanchen and said gently, “To think that I’m not pregnant. I really hadn’t expected it. But since we’ve already told everyone – grandma, daddy and mummy included, it does feel a little embarrassing now that I’m not really pregnant.”

Raising his brow, Lu Yanchen rubbed Shi Guang’s tummy. “Everything will be solved if we work hard to make up for it now, wouldn’t it?”

Stunned, Shi Guang looked at him warily. “Don’t get reckless again!”

She felt that she truly had to discuss this topic of having a child properly with Lu Yanchen again.

“Lu Yanchen, we’re both still young right now and our careers have just begun. I’m absolutely against having a child so early!” She said solemnly.

Looking at his nonchalant attitude as though he wasn’t taking it seriously, Shi Guang felt that he was still going to play dirty for sure. If she didn’t change tactics, he might just poke a hole in the condoms or something!

Just in case…

“I’ve decided. If we have a child, I wont be having sex again!” She stood up and declared sternly.

Lu Yanchen’s face was initially disappointed with a gentle gaze, but everything turned icy cold at that remark.

He could endure anything, but no sex…? He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and asked instead, “Don’t you want me?”