His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 971 - The Truth Beneath the Truth (1)

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Chapter 971: The Truth Beneath the Truth (1)

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Old Master Su calmed himself and sat down like a monk, remaining silent for the longest time.

There were no changes on his expression as well such that one could not tell of his thoughts either.

He looked over the family of his eldest son, unsure whether they truly had not known the truth and were pretending to be unable to accept the blow or that they were merely acting.

The difference between the two scenarios was way too great.

Also, was Su Ya involved in what happened to Qianxun today?

Initially, Old Master Su was already feeling extremely uncomfortable during this period of time after finding out about Qianxun’s past ordeal. Now that this happened today, he could not wish for more than to rip the guts out of anyone who would dare hurt his daughter.

But the thought that the perpetrator could be his granddaughter had him feeling infuriated… yet, it wasn’t a nice feeling as well looking at how she was watching him with such a miserable expression. After all, he had never seen his granddaughter in such a wretched state through his years of watching her grow up.

Despite that, there wasn’t much persuasion in her tears.

He was only afraid of the possibility that she might be wronged…

During the prolonged silence, Shen Lingshuang was particularly concerned about Shi Guang. After finding out that Shi Guang had gotten into a fight with Su Ya, she was worried about whether Shi Guang’s child might have been hurt.

Flustered, she wanted Lu Yanchen to bring Shi Guang to the hospital for a check up.

Eyeing his wife, Chief Lu walked forth and sat down opposite to Old Master Su. “Old Master Su, I know that in theory, this is your family affair and there’s no room for an outsider like me. But since this matter pertains to my daughter-in-law as well, could you allow me to make a few comments?”

Old Master Su looked at Chief Lu before replying, “Go ahead, Little Lu.”

In terms of seniority, Old Master Su had always been calling Chief Lu Little Lu.

“This thing about parentage cant be faked if it is for real. If you really cant make a decision regarding it right now, you can get someone to run two sets of tests and once the results are out, so shall the truth be. As for everything your daughter had gone through today, rather than asking everyone else, how about asking her? As the victim, she should have an idea about the entire incident as well.”

Every single suggestion made sense amidst this chaotic scene.

Old Master Su did not reply, merely nodding his head in deep thoughts.

“Daddy, let us head back first then.” Qianxun held Old Master Su’s arm as he nodded his head. “Alright!”

He then got up and left with Qianxun, not casting his gaze a single time towards either Shi Guang nor Su Ya’s family as he left.

However, Su Ya’s family rushed after in silence and nervousness. At the same time, they were mumbling something about how there’s no way they weren’t be related by blood.

The tones of disbelief and looks of shock were their declaration to the world that they truly knew nothing at all about this issue.

However, Shi Guang bought none of that.

She did not believe that the reason why Su Ya had resorted to tons of methods to prevent her from getting along with Qianxun had nothing to do with her parentage.

“Shi Guang, how are you feeling now? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” The thought of Shi Guang getting into a fight with Su Ya still had Shen Lingshuang feeling uneasy.

“Mummy, don’t worry. I’m alright. I feel real good!” Shi Guang was calm and in reality, she truly did not feel any discomfort at all.

“No, no. Yanchen! Hurry and bring Shi Guang to the hospital for a check up!”

“I think there’s no need?”

“Who’s decision is that? I’m saying right now that there’s a need!” Shen Lingshuang’s stance was firm as she just could not set her mind at ease no matter what.