His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 969 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (29)

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Chapter 969: Exposing The Mysterious Background (29)

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Shi Guang ignored her and merely looked at Old Master Su. “It was only till today’s incident that I suddenly realised something important about the past… Back then, I truly hated Su Ya, Yang Sitong and Yan Zi for bullying my sister until she became a vegetable eventually. It wasn’t even a normal hatred and I did think of revenge as well. Each time my thinking was really extreme, I would ponder about how to kill them. Should I kidnap them? Commit arson? In any case, I fantasized about the cruellest methods ever. However, grandma would always tell me that revenge isn’t the most important thing, it was kinship! That’s the reason why I prayed before the bodhisattva and promised that as long as my sister would wake up and was fine, I could forgive them.”

She blinked at her reddening eyes before turning to Su Ya. “You should be the one worried that I would cause trouble regarding my sister’s incident, isn’t it? After all, you were the one at fault. Shouldn’t you be glad that I did not seek revenge and was not willing to dig into it? Shouldn’t you be the one steering clear of me as though I was a stranger? But yet, why are you always seeking trouble for me?”

Shi Guang’s questioning had Su Ya’s body stiffening.

“The moment you found out that I was getting along with Qianxun, you thought of all sorts of methods and even played the sympathy card to try and prevent us from getting along. Not only did you get someone to follow us to try and find out more about our conversations, you even tried to lay your hands on Qianxun today! If you had succeeded today, Qianxun might never get together with Yanzhi ever and not only would all ties break off between the Lus and the Sus, I’ll never be friends with Qianxun ever again as well!”

Su Ya blurted out, “Don’t bullshit! Don’t malign me!”

Shi Guang merely sneered. “At the start, I just could not understand why you would do that. I thought that you were the one who had abducted my sister and that because you were afraid of the secret being exposed, you tried to prevent us from getting along. It was only until I got the results of the DNA test with Qianxun that I started thinking deeper into things, wondering if everything could have been related.

After she was done, Shi Guang removed the silver bracelet that she was wearing these days and dangled it mid air, allowing it to sway and sparkle under the light.

The moment Old Master Su caught sight of that bracelet, his pupils dilated as disbelief spread through his face and he bolted upright.

He clearly had not thought that he would see this bracelet in his life ever again!

Snatching it away from Shi Guang’s hands, he looked at it carefully and only after confirming that it was the one he thought it to be, asked Shi Guang hurriedly, “This… how did you end up with this?!”

Shi Guang’s eyes were misty as she replied, “It was my father’s belongings. Ever since he was born, he was abandoned at the orphanage and this was the only item he had. When my sister was born, daddy gave it to her as a gift. After she turned into a vegetable, all her belongings were returned to me!”

Old Master Su’s voice was quivering at this point, “This was something I gave to my eldest son back then! I wore it on his neck the moment he was born but it was lost at the hospital! How did it end up with your father?!”

Lu Yanchen commented calmly, “Old Master Su, perhaps what you lost wasn’t a bracelet but a child!”