His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 968 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (28)

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Chapter 968: Exposing The Mysterious Background (28)

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After a prolonged silence in the room, murmurs started breaking out. Wang Caichun, Shen Yiren, Chu Mubei and the other younger ones began to converse in hushed whispers – this was not how they had expected the plot to develop.

“Wang Caichun, did you know about it?” Chu Mubei asked.

“How could I if even you don’t…?” Wang Caichun’s face was stumped.

“Just what is going on here?” Shen Yiren who did not know about their past grudges was even more confused.

“How could Littly be someone of the Sus?” Shen Lingshuang was bewildered as well as she asked Chief Lu quietly – to think that after all the quarrels, they would turn out to be from a single family?

She then looked at her son. However, his calm gaze affirmed her that Shi Guang was telling the truth.

She then thought about Xiao Bai’s mummy… doesn’t that mean that two children from the Su Family are going to marry over to the Lus?

What a mysterious affinity this was!

Xu Yafeng’s face was filled with shock as she could no longer deal with this issue calmly any longer.

She looked at Su Ya, hoping for a solution but Su Ya was equally flustered.

The fact that things had developed to this state was not something she had expected. After all, there was no signs or hints at all earlier on that they were going to do the DNA test!

This was something that she wasn’t prepared for at all!

She then thought about her brother. At moments of losses, her brother was always the one who would make the decisions. Yet, now that there were so many people present, how could she ask her brother?

“DNA testing?!” Old Master Su looked at Qianxun in disbelief, not understanding why she would want to do that with Shi Guang.

Qianxun turned around slowly and looked at Old Master Su. “Shi Guang really resembles mummy a lot and I resemble her older sister as well. Yet, I feel like I take on more of your features. Because of that, I started wondering if we could all be from the same family. Since I was going to do a DNA test with Xiao Bai, I might as well give this test a run as well. To think that it would be true.”

Su Ya grit her teeth – damn it, it was still because of her relationship with Lu Yanzhi!

Qianxun had kept the relationship under wraps way too intensely such that no one would have guessed that she was with Lu Yanzhi in the past.

Damn it!

She gave Xu Yafeng a look on the sly as the latter walked up and declared, “T-This! What’s going on over here! Father, you’ve got another son outside? Wow, these guys are just rushing in to acknowledge kin out of nowhere? But now, I finally know why you’re always pitting against Yaya! Before you’ve returned to the Su Family, you’re already plotting against us! Amazing!”

Her tone was accusatory of Shi Guang clearly trying to chase them out of the Su Family and plotting to steal everything from them.

Shi Guang scoffed coldly at her.

She took a couple of steps forth and told Old Master Su, “My father was an orphan and grew up in an orphanage not knowing who his parents were. I didn’t know who my paternal grandparents were either. Since I was young, the only impressions I had were of my maternal grandparents. That’s why I was unwilling to accept the truth upon receiving the results of the DNA test…”

Shi Guang then pointed at Xu Yafeng and Su Ya. “And nor do I want to be part of the same family with people like these! That’s why I initially had no intention of revealing it…”

Xu Yafeng ridiculed. “You had no intention and yet you’re still doing it now?”