His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 967 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (27)

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Chapter 967: Exposing The Mysterious Background (27)

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Other than Shi Guang and Lu Yanchen, everyone’s expressions were frozen as they turned to look at Shi Guang.

Xu Yafeng and Su Ya exchanged glances with frightfully pale faces. What did she mean by that! Why would she say that Qianxun was her auntie! Has she found out about something or was she merely acknowledging Qianxun as her auntie!

Su Ya held her breath while sweeping her gaze at the entire place, gripping her hands tightly.

“Y-You! How could you be Qianxun’s niece? Aren’t you good at joking?” Xu Yafeng’s shrill voice was filled with mockery. “You’re someone of the Lus. There’s no way our Su Family would want a relative like you!”

Xu Yafeng was flustered as well. However, she knew that other than messing the entire situation up right now, there was no way this thing would tide over that easily!

She looked infuriated and in a huff, sweeping her gaze at everyone present before finally fixating it at Old Master Su. “Father, look at the fiasco today! Our Qianxun, our Yaya! What’s happening now? They’re trying to trample over us! And now, she’s even claiming kinship with Qianxun? Look at the nonsense she’s blabbing out! Father, how could you pretend as though nothing’s happening!”

There was a frosty layer of ice seemingly layered over Old Master Su’s face. Even though he looked calm, his heart was entirely shocked and he had no thoughts of his own.

He did not feel that the lass was telling any lies, but he was curious as to why she would say that.

As for Qianxun who had remained silent the entire time, she suddenly bolted upright. Unlike her cold demeanour earlier on, she was now looking at Shi Guang emotionally with an ‘Aha, I knew it!’ expression.

When Su Ya caught that, her expression finally changed entirely as a dark veil cast over her gaze while she gripped her fists.

Thoughts were running through her mind as she pondered over where she might have made a mistake at all. How could Shi Guang and Qianxun know about one another’s relationship and even gone for a DNA test?

Just where had she gone wrong?

It shouldn’t be!

She had hid everything really well without letting anything slip – no one should be suspicious of their relationship at all!

Xu Yafeng did not catch sight of her own daughter’s face as she continued maintaining her stance from earlier on, pointing at Shi Guang and shouting fiercely, “I’m warning you! I don’t care what you want to do, but I won’t allow you to continue harming my daughter! If you dare to harm her, I’m willing to do anything! So what if you’re married to the Lus! I’ll come at you with my life! At most, we’ll both perish!”

Shi Guang glared at Xu Yafeng with a cold, mocking look – she did not want to bother with this woman.

At the side, Shen Lingshuang on the other hand could not contain herself.

She held at Shi Guang’s hands. “No matter what happens, you don’t have to go through it alone! Tell us if there’s anything. If anyone dares to hurt you, we’ll definitely not let them off. Of course, we won’t end up perishing with them too!”

Shi Guang nodded her head with watery eyes and a blissful smile.

Composing her emotions, she looked at Qianxun. “That day, when you told me that you wanted to do a DNA test… even though I rejected you, I had Lu Yanchen help me run it in private because I wanted to know more about my father’s family as well. Initially, I thought that you must have been mistaken. That’s why I could not believe it when I first received the test results. However, despite repeated tests, the results were always positive! You are my auntie!”