His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 966 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (26)

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Chapter 966: Exposing The Mysterious Background (26)

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“Qianxun is Yaya’s auntie and they are so close! How could she possibly do something like that?” Xu Yafeng glared at Shi Guang fiercely. “You little…”

She wanted to scold ‘b*tch’, but when she caught sight of Chief Lu and Shen Lingshuang at the side, she held back her tongue.

She then grit her teeth. “You’re really such a venomous woman! Be careful of karma for setting up this trap!”

Shi Guang’s gaze narrowed as she scoffed coldly. “Karma? Whoever sets this trap for Qianxun shall suffer a terrible death and be struck by lightning! Do you dare to swear that? Start curse that right now if you dare then!”

Even though her face was indifferent, Shi Guang’s eyes carried a cold fury.

She truly felt that Su Ya was extremely terrifying as she could sense that neither Old Master Su nor Qianxun had realised the dark side of Su Ya.

If this was her kin, she would definitely not allow someone like her near any of her family.

Xu Yafeng was stunned momentarily before raising her voice. “Curse then! Who’s afraid of whom? Our Yaya has been kind since she was young and wouldn’t even trample on a single ant! How could someone like that harm her own auntie! She must definitely be framed by someone! I’ll curse that the person who did it will enter the 18th level of Hell; choked to death by water; knocked to death by every car out there!”

Shi Guang corrected her. “You’re mistaken, it’s not about who framed your daughter. We’re talking about who planned Qianxun’s incident today. The plotter who tried to hurt Qianxun would suffer a terrible death!”

Wang Caichun mocked at the side as well. “Wouldn’t even trample an ant to death. Your daughter had bullied Shi Guang’s sister back then with Yan Zi! You call a venomous woman like that kind? Even if you aren’t afraid of your conscience exploding, we’re afraid of our ears rotting from disgust!”

Su Ya then sobbed. “Shi Guang, I admit that I was crazed because of love back then. That’s why I helped Yang Sitong hurt your sister. However, I’ve apologized to you countless of times and even when you struck at me, I didn’t hold it against you. But why do you insist on going against me? Must you hurt me time and time again by just using that incident as an excuse? Now, you’re even accusing me of hurting my auntie! My auntie dotes on me so much, why would I hurt her? On the other hand, you! Everyone knows that Shen Yiren and Lu Yanchen are good friends! Since Shen Yiren fancies Lu Yanzhi, she’ll do anything for his sake!”

“Ha! You guys must be trying to become a family and hence the plot against Qianxun. Now that you guys are exposed, you’re trying to frame my Yaya!” Xu Yafeng chimed in.

Firstly, she hated Shi Guang for beating her precious daughter to a pulp.

Secondly, she wanted to try and cover over the current incident at hand!

Raising her volume, her insults at Shi Guang never stopped. “I’ve truly never seen a lass as devious as you! What has our family done to you? Even if Su Ya has done your sister wrong, that was when she was young and naïve! She’s already apologized to you countless of times and yet, not only do you refuse to stop, you’re trying to ruin our entire family!”


Suddenly, Old Master Su roared out.

If he couldn’t tell the facts from the accusations, he would have wasted all his years living to such an age.

Su Ya wailed with a pained expression. “Grandpa, it truly wasn’t me! You must believe that I was framed…! Qianxun is my auntie! We’re relatives! I would definitely not hurt my auntie! Please don’t trust an outsider! This person is clearly harbouring ill intents to try and destroy our family’s ties!”

Shi Guang then spoke slowly and clearly, “Qianxun is my auntie as well!”