His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 965 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (25)

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Chapter 965: Exposing The Mysterious Background (25)

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Shen Yiren then pointed at the man sprawling on the ground. “He… he was pinning on Qianxun’s body, trying to do something untoward to her! Qianxun was drugged and was even beaten up by him! The moment he saw us enter, he darted outside!”

Wang Caichun continued calmly at the side. “I was the one who chased after him. I yelled for security, Chu Mubei and Lu Yanchen. That’s how we managed to capture this man. That’s how the entire event unfolded. I was together with Shi Guang right from the beginning, there’s no way we could have framed Su Ya.”

Xu Yafeng shrieked out, “You’re Chu Mubei’s wife! Who doesn’t know that Chu Mubei is good friends with Lu Yanchen? Since you’re good friends with Shi Guang, you’ll naturally speak up for her!”

Old Master Su immediately darted his gaze at Xu Yafeng that was self-explanatory of his rage!

Instantly, Xu Yafeng zipped her mouth shut, not daring to say anything more.

Old Master Su looked at Su Ya. “Your turn…”

Su Ya was gasping for breath at this point, looking extremely aggrieved.

Looking at his granddaughter whom he had doted on for so many years, Old Master Su felt both sadness and pain as he added, “Don’t worry, even though grandpa has retired, I’ll definitely not let you suffer any grievances or indignity!”

“Grandpa!” Su Ya cried out pitifully.

She then sobbed. “Shen Yiren said that she wanted to meet little auntie and I agreed to it and even arranged a place for her. Later on, when she said that she was done and left, I still felt uneasy about it and even warned little auntie to be wary of her. Later on, I received a phone call. Recently, I’ve had some arguments with Chifeng. Worried that little auntie might be worried if she were to hear us quarrelling, I headed out to take the call and took some time as well. When I returned, before I knew what was going on, Shi Guang had already rushed over to strike at me!”

Old Master Su patted Su Ya’s hand to comfort her and give her warmth.

However, his gaze was steely cold when he looked over at the man on the ground. Totally petrified, the man began spilling the beans before Old Master Su even instructed him to.

“Someone contacted me yesterday to give me a sum of money to come to the party and do something. Back then, I wasn’t given clear instructions, merely to wait for further orders. At the party, I was waiting for the entire night. Just as the party was about to end, this Miss Su walked over to me and asked me to head to the resting lounge. She said that there was a super beauty waiting for me inside and all I had to do was sleep with the beauty. I was thinking that this job was so aweso—”

Old Master Su interrupted him. “Who was the woman?”

The man pointed at Su Ya right away.

Instantly, Old Master Su’s expression turned terrible as Su Ya’s heart palpitated rapidly.

She blinked her eyes a couple of times to maintain her composure before wailing out. “What do you mean me! What did I ask you to do?! I don’t even know what happened! Why are you framing me like this?! I don’t even know you nor do we have any grudge! Why are you doing this? Are you on someone’s instructions?!”

She then sobbed out in dismal as though she was fully wronged.

However, when she was lowering her head, she cast a warning gaze at Xu Yafeng.

Instantly, Xu Yafeng furrowed her brows and roared out. “THAT’S TOO MUCH!”

Her face was filled with vendetta and fury, glaring at Shi Guang. “How venomous must you be to try and set up my daughter like this! How dare you find such a man to come and frame our Yaya! Don’t try to make use of our Yaya as a tool, I’m warning you!”