His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 964 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (24)

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Chapter 964: Exposing The Mysterious Background (24)

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The moment the man spoke out, everyone casted suspicious looks onto Su Ya.

Grim looks…




Everyone felt an inexplicable sense of chilliness as fluster spread through Su Ya. For a moment, she was at a loss for actions! She had not expected that this man would be so stupid as to get caught. Just where in the world did her brother get this man from the previous time?!

Now that his face was walloped so badly, was this even the same man that her brother had hired?

However, she naturally could not call her brother to check at this moment.

The only thing she could do now was to feign innocence and not acknowledge anything no matter what.

“Miss Su, you cant abandon me…!” The man grovelling on the ground lunged at Su Ya, his entire face bruised from wallops and filled with blood, looking entirely deformed and giving Su Ya a huge shock.

Instinctively, she dodged to the side, causing the man to fall to the ground as well.

On the ground, he continued sobbing. “Everything I did was on your command! Hurry and explain to them that I was merely following orders! Please ask them to let me off…!”

Old Master Su’s gaze narrowed as he looked at the man coldly.

Thereafter, he looked to Chief Lu and spoke calmly, “This matter concerns my daughter and granddaughter. Could I do the questioning?”

Old Master Su was an elder and as such, Chief Lu even bowed his head politely before speaking, “Please go ahead, Old Master Su.”

Everyone went silent.

Old Master Su came from a criminal police background and even as he aged, he carried the same style from the past to get every single thing out of this interrogation.

He looked at Shen Yiren. “You first!”

Flustered and not knowing how things had gotten to this point, Shen Yiren spoke hurriedly, “It all started a couple of days ago! After I knew that Xiao Bai’s mummy was Qianxun, I got to chat with Su Ya because we grew up together and Qianxun was her auntie. I then asked Su Ya for her help to invite Qianxun to this welcome party. When Su Ya found out that I wanted to have a chat with Qianxun, she immediately said that she would arrange for it and the place was chosen by her too…!”

“Grandpa, I did choose the place but this has nothing to do with me…!” Su Ya’s tears began to flow as she looked at Old Master Su in pain.

She then sobbed. “Just what did I do? How did things come to this state when all I offered was a kind deed?!”

Xu Yafeng chimed in to help right away. “Old Master, someone’s definitely trying to frame our Yaya!”

Instantly, she glared at Shi Guang with an intending-look.

“Silence for now! If this was nothing to do with Yaya, I’ll definitely not let anyone frame her!”

Old Master Su was exceptionally authoritative as he had Shen Yiren continue.

Shen Yiren then bit her lips. “I was chatting really enjoyably with Qianxun in the resting lounge and we drank a glass of wine in our joy. Later on, when Su Ya came in, I left first! You can verify that with Qianxun…!”

Old Master Su turned to Qianxun who nodded expressionlessly.

“… Later on, I was with Shi Guang and Wang Caichun the entire time! I drank a couple glasses of cold fruit juice only to find my body heating up uncomfortably. Shi Guang asked me if I ate anything weird and said that I looked as though I was drugged. When I mentioned eating some dessert with Qianxun in the resting lounge while we were drinking, Shi Guang immediately brought me here with Wang Caichun out of concern for Qianxun. The moment we entered, we caught sight of that man…!”