His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 963 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (23)

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Chapter 963: Exposing The Mysterious Background (23)

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Instinctively, Xu Yafeng looked over at Old Master Su. He was about to stand up to speak up when Qianxun held his hand.

From the beginning, Su Qianxun had not said anything at all.

Even now, she said nothing, merely shaking her head to Old Master Su, gesturing for him to say nothing as well.

Old Master Su looked at her sceptically…

Xu Yafeng was so pissed that her eyeballs were nearly popping out as she yelled loudly, “What’s the meaning of this?! You guys are bullying us through your power? Is there no regard for the law any longer?!”

Shen Lingshuang huffed back angrily, “Who’s the one bullying people through their powers?! Do you think that just because my daughter-in-law’s parents passed away at a tender age, you can start hurling insults of bitches and whores? Let me tell you, we’re her parents too! There’s no room for you to act so insolently here!”

Xu Yafeng then grit her teeth and snarled. “Why don’t you take a look at how badly my daughter was beaten up then! If I hadn’t witnessed it for myself today, I wouldn’t dare believe that there’s someone so vicious and malicious!”

“Vicious and malicious?” Shi Guang finally spoke up, her voice raised slightly.

She was gripping her hands so tightly that her nails dug deep into the bed of her palm. “Why don’t you ask your daughter what she has done?! Who’s the vicious and malicious one who would even harm her own auntie for the sake of her own motives?!”

A chill ran down Shi Guang’s spine – how merciless must someone be to harm their own kin!

Su Ya refuted right away. “Don’t malign me! What has this got to do with me?! It was clearly Shen Yiren who wanted to have a private chat with my auntie here!”

Shen Yiren explained herself in a fluster, “I wanted to chat with Qianxun in private, but the place and stuff were all prepared by you! I truly didn’t know that the wine was drugged…!”

“How could you do this?! I helped you out of kindness and here you are framing me! Qianxun’s my auntie, how could I do something like this to her! But you! You fancy Lu Yanzhi! I just didn’t expect that you would harm my auntie because of that!” Su Ya sobbed out in grievance.

“N-No! I truly didn’t…!” Shen Yiren truly felt that she was wronged to a point where she could not clear her own name. That’s right… Qianxun was Su Ya’s auntie!

Shi Guang then chortled with mockery, “Su Ya, stop acting! Your futile struggle at death’s door is just way too hilarious!”

Her eyes seemed as though they were about to see through Su Ya.

However, Su Ya maintained her composure and stance that she was being wronged, looking all perplexed. “What am I acting about? Even though I prepared this room, I don’t know what happened inside at all! I merely went to pick up a call and yet I returned to being beaten up by you!”

She then looked at Qianxun pitifully only to be met with a cold gaze from Qianxun. Instantly, she bawled out even more miserably. “Little auntie, you must believe me! Little auntie…!”

Lu Yanchen was watching the entire thing silently by the sides as he gestured to Chu Mubei with a gaze before the latter turned around and walked out.

Before long, he returned, whisking a man that was beaten up badly and throwing him onto the ground!

That man groaned out in pain. The moment he raised his head and caught sight of Su Ya, he crawled over and grovelled before her, begging loudly, “Miss Su! Please save me! Miss Su, save me!!”