His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 960 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (20)

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Chapter 960: Exposing The Mysterious Background (20)

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Before she could react, her clothes were ripped off by the man. Instinctively, Qianxun tried to reach out and strike at him. However, he caught both her hands and held them above her head with a single hand while loosening his belt with his other hand.

Even though Qianxun was feeling fear all over, she did not reveal that on her expression as she yelled, “HELP! SOMEONE HELP!”

The man who was in the midst of unzipping his pants stuffed her mouth with her ripped clothes before slapping her with a reverse palm.

In her state of giddiness, Qianxun looked at the malefic man who was already unzipped and felt a sense of despair spread through her.

She truly had not expected to be done in at a place like this after she had managed to save herself even in the pits of despair back then.

Just as Qianxun was in her most despondent moment, the door swung open.

Shen Yiren, Shi Guang and Wang Caichun dashed in, only to be dumb stricken by the frightening sight that awaited them in the room.

The man who was pinning on Qianxun jolted upright and shouted right away, “It’s not my fault! She seduced me!”

“YOU BEAST!” Shi Guang’s wrath was uncontrollable as she rushed up and wanted to strike at the man. Stunned, Wang Caichun and Shen Yiren hurried to stop her – after all, a pregnant woman shouldn’t be getting into a fight.

The man was swift and slipped away while Wang Caichun gave chase, yelling at the same time, “DON’T RUN! SECURITY! CATCH HIM!”

Qianxun fainted over right after she caught a glimpse of Shi Guang entering.

Looking at her swollen face and the wretched state she was in, Shi Guang could not help but recall the usually glam and charming Qianxun and weep tears of pain.

In a delirious state, Qianxun looked at Shi Guang, then at Shen Yiren.

Shen Yiren’s face was pale with fright as she shook her head furiously. “I don’t know what’s going on! I’ll help you to the bathroom to lower your temperature first! The resting lounges here have bathrooms!”

She hurried up and supported Qianxun’s frail body and even stopped Shi Guang from stepping in – pregnant women should not exert themselves. She was truly shaken to the core as she took every single step with care.

Still, Shi Guang gave a hand in helping Qianxun get to the bathroom while rinsing her body with cold water.

She had initially wanted to get an ambulance since Qianxun would definitely need further care in this state. However, recalling that with Qianxun’s identity, this would definitely end up as headline news, she decided against it.

She thus gave Lu Yanchen a call and had him send a doctor over immediately.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Su Ya strode in.

The moment Shi Guang caught sight of her, she was filled with rage. Along the way here, Shen Yiren mentioned that Su Ya was the one who said that she would arrange things for Shen Yiren and Qianxun to have a private chat.

Since both of them were auntie and niece, Shen Yiren reckoned that nothing would happen and Wang Caichun said the same.

But, look what happened?

Even though Shi Guang had not known Shen Yiren for long, she could tell that the latter had a gentle personality along with a straightforward nature – she would definitely not be someone who would resort to such tactics.

And most importantly, the fact that she could become such a renowned designer through her own efforts proved that she wasn’t a stupid woman.

Someone like that would definitely not drag herself into the picture if she wanted to drug Qianxun.

Hence, the person who had done it must definitely be Su Ya.

Even though she did not know her motives, Shi Guang was certain that Su Ya must have been the one who did it!

Looking at how Su Ya was still striding over with her usual grace… Shi Guang was no longer able to contain her immense rage as she swung a slap over at Su Ya’s face!