His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 959 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (19)

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Chapter 959: Exposing The Mysterious Background (19)

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“Resting lounge. Dessert… would that cause one’s body to heat up?” Shi Guang mumbled.

Suddenly, she recalled what happened to Qianxun when she first bumped into her in the capital and her heart palpitated rapidly.

When she asked Shen Yiren earlier why Qianxun had not returned with her, Shen Yiren said that Su Ya had arrived and was with Qianxun in the resting lounge.

In theory, there should be no issue with the both of them staying there since they were auntie and niece.

However, the mere thought of how Su Ya had plotted to distance Shi Guang and Qianxun in the past while hiring people to follow them, Shi Guang just could not set her mind at ease no matter what.

She stood up. “Let’s go look for Qianxun.”

Qianxun was waiting for Su Ya the entire time. Yet, Su Ya did not return despite time ticking away. At the same time, Qianxun could feel her body starting to burn up as her face flushed brightly as though she was on fire.

Given her years of experience in the conniving entertainment scene, she instantly knew that she was drugged.

But, how was she drugged?

She hadn’t eaten anything at all! There shouldn’t be any issues with the wine at the party as well. Unless… her gaze rested on the red wine.

Shen Yiren? But Shen Yiren had drank with her earlier on as well!

Or was this a plot by Shen Yiren to cause her to let her guard down so as to drug the red wine? However, she had already made herself clear that she did not fancy Lu Yanzhi at all… what was her motive for doing this then?!

Was she mistaken?!

Right then, the door was pushed opened as a tall, bulky man walked in wearing the clothes of a security guard.

Instantly, Qianxun’s eyes turned dark.

If this was Shen Yiren’s doing, she would never let her off!

Qianxun struggled to stand up. However, the effect of the drug was too strong and her body was getting weaker.

Damn it! She had drunk another two glasses while waiting for Su Ya to return and her body was about to explode!

The man was all smiles as he walked over and brought himself close to Qianxun, showing concern. “Miss, are you alright!”

“GET LOST!” Qianxun flung her arms. However, her strength was limited. Not only did she not manage to wave the man off, he even seized the chance to feel up her hands.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable, miss? I’ll accompany you then!” He smirked with lust before pushing Qianxun down onto the sofa while pinning her.

Qianxun’s body was getting weaker by the second and she could not push him away at all, merely able to threaten coldly, “Don’t try anything funny or I’ll have your life!”

“Fufufu, aren’t you spicy, miss? But I like that. No matter what, you’re mine today since I’ve already accepted the money! Besides, you’re so beautiful that I would have done you even without the money! Behave yourself, I’ll make you feel real good real soon!” He inched closer with his mouth after he said that.

Even though Qianxun tilted her head, he started kissing her furiously still.

Eyeing the wine glass beside her, Qianxun reached for it before swinging it on the man’s head. With the shards of the broken wine glass, she slammed all of it onto the man’s shoulders.

Instantly, the man yelled out.

His rough face scrunched up as he felt at his wounds. Seeing the traces of blood had his eyes burning with wrath. “YOU B*TCH! HOW DARE YOU HURT ME!”

He then flung a slap at Qianxun.

That heavy slap caused Qianxun to see stars.