His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 958 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (18)

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Chapter 958: Exposing The Mysterious Background (18)

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Upon returning, Qianxun did not ask Li Mengyao why she did not appear – instead, the latter explained things on her own accord. However, none of that mattered by then. Qianxun already knew that she would never be able to escape on her own. It was only by following Lu Yanzhi would she be able to continue surviving.

Her escape was covered over casually by Lu Yanzhi who told everyone else that she was merely lost. Even though that lie may deceive everyone else, it definitely did not deceive the boss.

It was also because of that incident that the ‘Village Boss’ began to have people watch over her – should she harbour anymore thoughts of escaping, anyone had the rights to shoot her to death right away.

After that incident, Li Mengyao asked her, “Do you fancy Ah Zhi? If you don’t, I would like to be his woman.”

When Qianxun heard that, she was entirely stunned – how could she possibly fancy a criminal who had abducted her? Perplexed, she asked agitatedly, “You… why do you want to be his?! Isn’t life quite good right now where no one would dare to touch you? Don’t fall in love with them! They’re international criminals! These are really scary people who are deadly and cruel! People who would kill without batting a single eyelid!”

“But I’ve asked around! Up till now, not a single woman who was captured here has managed to escape alive! Anyone who’s living is definitely someone’s woman and is obediently bearing their children! Therefore, I’m sure I’ll end up being someone’s woman eventually. If that’s the case, I would rather be with someone of my own choosing!”

Li Mengyao began to tear up as she gripped Qianxun’s hands tightly, explaining tragically, “Please, Qianxun, please help me! If I were to go through what I went through before, I’ll really break down!”

“If you want to, go ahead.”

“Will you help me tell him?”

Why should she be the one to tell? Even till then, Qianxun did not know why Li Mengyao wanted her to do that. There was no way she would have done it given her fear of Ah Zhi. Besides, he hadn’t even touched her once at that point.

Yet, Li Mengyao felt that Qianxun did not want to help her on purpose…

Shen Yiren, Shi Guang and Wang Caichun were gathered and chatting. Shi Guang noticed that the entire time, Wang Caichun was uncharacteristically quiet and seemed to even have a dislike for Shen Yiren.

However, Shi Guang found Shen Yiren rather easy-going.

“I don’t have many friends here because I’ve just returned. We can gather more in the future.” Shen Yiren suggested with a smile.

“Sure!” Shi Guang nodded her head.

“I wish you a blissful marriage with Lu Yanchen and for you guys to have children early!” Shen Yiren clinked glasses with Shi Guang, the both of them drinking juice.

“Thank you.” Shi Guang took a sip.

“They already have children. They don’t need your blessings.” Wang Caichun remarked indifferently at the side.

“Oh, Shi Guang is already…? Congrats, congrats!”

“Thank you.” Shi Guang found that she was gradually getting used to the pregnancy. However, she had a feeling as though she wasn’t truly pregnant and that there was a mix up.

Even though the fruit juice was cold, Shen Yiren found her body heating up as she drank it, causing her to rub her neck uncomfortably.

Shi Guang looked at her. “What’s wrong?”

Shen Yiren smiled. “I don’t know as well. I just feel hot all over.”

Frowning, Shi Guang asked, “What did you eat just now?”

Shen Yiren shook her head. “Nothing at all? I was drinking the entire time. Oh right, just now at the resting lounge, I took a dessert and bit into it.”