His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 957 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (17)

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Chapter 957: Exposing The Mysterious Background (17)

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“I’m glad to have met you too.” Qianxun raised her own glass and clinked it with Shen Yiren.

The both of them downed their glasses with a single breath. Qianxun was prepared to leave and look for Shi Guang after the drink but just then, Su Ya knocked on the door and entered. “Are you guys done?”

“That’s right! Thank you for arranging this chance for us,” Shen Yiren said as she hugged Su Ya.

She saw how Su Ya seemed as though she had something to talk to Qianxun about and remarked with a smile, “I’ll head out first, you guys continue. After all, the lead of today’s event shouldn’t be missing for too long.”

After bidding farewell to Shen Yiren, Su Ya sat down with Qianxun and showed concern. “Little auntie, what did you guys talk about? She seems to be in love with Lu Yanzhi of the Lu Family. After she knew that you were Xiao Bai’s mummy, she’s been bothering me, insisting that you were to come to this party. It’s also because she bugged me for a private chat with you and I couldn’t really refuse her.”

“Nothing much…” Qianxun smiled faintly, unbothered.

“But I just feel that there’s something strange about her. At times, women can do anything for the sake of men. I used to have a rather good relationship with her in the past but ever since we grew up, we hardly hung out and I’m unsure of how her character is like right now. Little auntie, you must be careful…”

Su Ya’s phone suddenly rang.

Pausing for a moment, she looked at her screen – it was Yang Chifeng. Frowning, she turned to Qianxun. “Little auntie, I’ll chat with Chifeng for a little. Wait for me…”


Qianxun nodded her head and poured herself another glass of wine after Su Ya left.

“Ha.” Suddenly, she gave a stifled chuckle.

She had not expected that she would encounter the same situation as back then.

In that dark, cruel world, she was not the only woman around – Li Anyuan was also there. Right now, she changed her name to Li Mengyao; she had probably done it to try and forget about the past.

Back then, Qianxun was Lu Yanzhi’s woman and Li Mengyao belonged to that Second Master.

Even if Lu Yanzhi had not touched her for the time being back then, she still wanted to escape from that disastrous place. Yet, she was surrounded by forests and there was a limited area where she could roam about – leaving the area was way too difficult.

Each time she got close to the perimeter, she would be eyed by the wary guards with a stern gaze.

Despite that, she still wanted to escape – even more so after the incident with Second Master.

Not only did he fail to have his fun with her, he even had his penis destroyed. The penis-less Second Master got even crueller ever since that incident and vented all his frustrations onto Li Mengyao.

Qianxun garnered that she would suffer 10 times more if she had fallen into the hands of Second Master.

Thankfully, Second Master died on a certain mission they were tasked to carry out and because of that, Lu Yanzhi brought Li Mengyao over to take care of her as well!

Back then, Qianxun was truly glad, thinking that she had gained another comrade.

She treated Li Mengyao as her comrade and shared every single thought deep in her heart with her, hoping to escape that darned place together with her someday.

Finally, just as she found a rare chance to do so, Qianxun invited Li Mengyao to escape together with her.

In the end, after waiting for a long time, Li Mengyao did not appear still. Instead, Lu Yanzhi was the one who showed up.

It was fortuitous that Lu Yanzhi was the one who showed up as well. Otherwise, Qianxun might have been gunned down by the guards for being a suspicious figure.