His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 954 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (14)

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Chapter 954: Exposing The Mysterious Background (14)

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Lu Yanzhi raised her right leg with a single arm and wrapped it around his waist.

Left standing with a single leg, Qianxun had a feeling as though she was stranded in the air as she felt a momentary sense of fear while sticking herself closer to Lu Yanzhi.


“Lu Yanzhi, gentler!”

“Oh? Someone like you knows pain?” This woman who doesn’t know what’s good for her! If I don’t make her beg at me for mercy tonight, my name won’t be Lu Yanzhi!

Not only was she feeling pain, Qianxun’s entire body was even going limp. However, even if she was glaring at Lu Yanzhi right now, her face was still immaculately charming alongside that mesmerising gaze.

She then bit down harshly onto his neck.

Even though it stung, Lu Yanzhi did not want to let her go – he was like a drug addict that could not control himself at this point.

That night, it was so rough that Qianxun’s legs were wobbly even after she got down from bed the second day.

She then looked at her jade-white body that was filled with bruised hickeys that were left behind.

This Lu Yanzhi! He was practically a beast!

He’s already so old but he doesn’t know of restrain at all?!

Also, it seemed as though Lu Yanzhi had driven her car away while taking for himself a set of her house’s spare keys – did this guy really think of himself as a gigolo?!

No, she mustn’t let this carry on – she had to think of a way!

Perhaps she should just go overseas for a period of time. After all, military men aren’t able to leave the country as and when they wish to. She’ll see what he can do to her then, hmph!

The previous day, Su Ya had called her inviting her to Shen Yiren’s welcome banquet and she had agreed to it. It was going to happen the next day and hence, Qianxun decided to leave the day after tomorrow.

Drinking a glass of water, she swallowed a Plan B pill as well which was bought the previous time round.

There was no way she could do without it – he always came inside her all the time.

She had considered having a child of her own since she loved children as well. However, after the flurry of events that had happened previously, she was rather afraid of conceiving. Even if she were to get married in the future, she had no intention of having her own kids.

Because the weather was cold, Shen Yiren’s welcome banquet was held at a quaint onsen villa.

That night, all the onsen villas within a hundred hectares were all booked completely and when 5pm arrived, all their lights were turned on, causing the entire area to seem like a glistening sparkle in the ocean.

Shi Guang arrived together with Lu Yanchen. He headed towards the men’s area while Shi Guang was together with Wang Caichun. Shen Yiren came by to greet them as well but because there were other guests, she left with her wine glass after a casual greeting.

“Even though they call this a welcome banquet, it’s more of pulling strings and connections for Shen Yiren. Honestly, this is quite well planned.” Shi Guang admitted.

“That’s for sure. It’s Shen Yiren, how could Chu Mubei be slipshod about it?” Wang Caichun replied with a weird tone.

Shi Guang looked at her, sensing jealousy in the air. “You’re jealous?”

“No way!” She chuckled happily. “We’re going to divorce soon!”

“Divorce?!” Shi Guang wanted to clarify more but right then, Su Ya entered with Qianxun.