His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 953 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (13)

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Chapter 953: Exposing The Mysterious Background (13)

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Shi Guang’s expression was grim. “Ever since I received the report, I’ve been contemplating about many things. I wondered why I would share such an affinity with the Su Family. Su Ya used to bully my sister and because of my sister’s issues, my parents met with an accident. After you said that you would help me check up on my father’s parentage and background, we found out that the storage room of the orphanage caught fire. Suddenly, I’m left with the fact that my father is a child of the Sus and is Qianxun’s brother. Even though there doesn’t seem to be any correlation, the series of events that had unravelled for some reason leaves me feeling somewhat uneasy in my heart.”

She then looked at Lu Yanchen. “When you found out about it, I’m sure you thought about even more things than I am right now?”

“I had my own suspicions.” Lu Yanchen said slowly, his voice carrying a magnetic charm that was soothing as water.

“I knew you definitely would have and you’ll definitely be investigating about my father’s matters on your side as well. That’s the reason why I decided to wait for a period of time and only continue after thinking things through. After all, it’s been so many years without this knowledge, a couple more days won’t make a difference.” Shi Guang laughed bitterly.

“Because it’s been too long, there’s nothing much I can find out. Everything appears to be as they seem on the surface.” There were things that he did not know how to break to Shi Guang.

When he was investigating about her father’s parentage and the fire at the orphanage happened, he started to wonder if there was a relation to her father’s accident as well.

However, everyone that had survived that car accident claimed that it was all an accident.

As for the case files, what he could find out were merely the contents left behind. But who knows if they’ve been altered by anyone else?

Shi Guang whisked out a silver bracelet from her embrace – she had found this in her sister’s belongings.

Swaying it in front of her, she pondered. “Perhaps we’re overthinking things.”

Qianxun did not have much time to accompany Shi Guang during her stay as she had to head out to film some reshoots.

That night, Qianxun returned home later than usual and found her car parked outside her place.

Lu Yanzhi returned it? What about the keys?

Qianxun entered her home.

After turning on the lights, she found herself pinned against the wall before she could even turn around.

Spinning around, she caught sight of Lu Yanzhi.

F*ck! How’s this guy in her room?

Instinctively, she naturally tried to struggle but before she could say anything, he had already kissed her fiercely.

Through the slivers of breathing room, she glared at Lu Yanzhi furiously, wishing for nothing more than to choke him to death. “What is the meaning of this?!”

“I’m here to conduct business!”


“Haven’t you paid me 100,000? I owe you 9 more times!”

Qianxun was so pissed that she was speechless – this guy really thinks of himself as a bed warmer now?

“Lu Yanzhi, have some shame!” She snarled – this was a hooligan! A hooligan amongst hooligans!

She then scoffed coldly, “I’m telling you, I just did it with another man earlier! I don’t need your business right now! Hurry and get lost!”

“Su Qianxun, speaking less won’t cause you to die!” That mouth of hers was much better at talking than in the past. But yet, none of her words ever brought joy with all sorts of nonsense being spouted out. No wonder she’s got rumours spreading all about her! She asked for it!

Qianxun chuckled indifferently. “How so? You mind? If I recall, you don’t seem to mind too much about hygiene when it comes to this!”

Lu Yanzhi’s face finally changed as his eyes were practically spitting fire right now – this woman just couldn’t live without dissing him!

How stupid is this woman! If I don’t care about hygiene, you won’t be the only woman that I only ever want!