His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 951 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (11)

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Chapter 951: Exposing The Mysterious Background (11)

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Losing his stance, Xiao Bai pouted his lips as his eyes reddened while he looked at Shen Lingshuang pitifully.

Instantly, Shen Lingshuang glared at Lu Yanzhi. “What are you getting fierce at a child for?”

She stood up and had Lu Yanzhi continue chatting with Shen Yiren while she brought Xiao Bai to the side to comfort him.

At that scene, Shen Yiren felt somewhat awkward as she drank a sip of water before looking at Lu Yanzhi. His eyes were dark as an abyss – even after so many years have passed, he still carried a charm that caused her heart to skip beats.

“Yanzhi, have you found Xiao Bai’s mummy?”

“Yeah.” Lu Yanzhi replied casually without elaborating, asking her instead, “Are you planning to return for good?”

Shen Yiren knew that he had no intention to continue on that topic and thus nodded her head, smiling. “That’s right. Chu Mubei and the others will be hosting a welcome back banquet for me a couple of days later, would you like to come, Yanzhi?”

“We’ll see. I’ll head over if I’m free.”

“Hmms, why don’t you ask me why I’ve suddenly decided to return then?” Shen Yiren looked at him with a concealed smile, looking somewhat hopeful.

Lu Yanzhi raised his brow. “So, why have you returned then?”

Somewhat shy, Shen Yiren swept her hair behind her ear to cover her uneasiness and fluster while chuckling bravely. “I’ve returned because I want to court a man.”

Court a man? Has she returned for Fourth? But Fourth’s already married.

Lu Yanzhi then frowned. “If the other party is married, you should not court him.”

“No, he’s not!”

“Who then?” Lu Yanzhi heaved a sigh of relief before raising his cup to drink water.

Thankfully it’s not Fourth. Who else then? Someone from that group she grew up in?

“You, Yanzhi.”

Lu Yanzhi choked on his water violently while looking at Shen Yiren in incredulity and disbelief.

Shen Yiren who had just boldly confessed found herself blushing bright red.

Is she joking?!

He croaked coldly right away. “No!”

Instantly, Shen Yiren’s heart sank. “Why? Are you married, Yanzhi?”

“I’m not! But you just cant court me!” He knitted his brows and replied adamantly.

“Why not? I’ve got the rights to seek my own happiness, Yanzhi! We’re both unmarried and I don’t mind you having Xiao Bai! If we’re together, I’ll definitely treat Xiao Bai nicely!” Shen Yiren’s blushing face brought with it a calm and sincere shine.

“I’m already 30 years old! I’m almost 10 years older than you! We’re not compatible.” Shouldn’t someone in their twenties consider him an old fogey by now?

“My fancy for you has nothing to do with age, Yanzhi. You’re responsible, kind, and nice. There’s no one better than you in my heart, Yanzhi.” Even though the age gap between them was a little huge, Shen Yiren found that to be the best age gap for a couple to have.

She truly loved Lu Yanzhi. When she was young, she would always tag along with Lu Yanchen.

Lu Yanchen would ignore her all the time while Chu Mubei would always bully her.

Each time Lu Yanzhi caught sight of her being teased or bullied, he would always lecture them before sending her home, causing her to feel ecstatic for a couple of days after.

Lu Yanzhi looked at her calmly, his eyes frosty. “You’re still young, you don’t understand that your feelings for me are akin to that of siblings.”

Shen Yiren replied with conviction, “Yanzhi, I’m certain my feelings for you are love!”

Lu Yanzhi: “…”