His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 949 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (9)

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Chapter 949: Exposing The Mysterious Background (9)

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Under Shi Guang’s request, Lu Yanchen sent her back to Su Qianxun’s place without saying anything more.

He knew that the reason why she wanted to stay here had nothing to do with her being angry at him; it was more of her wanting to spend more time and get to know this auntie of hers.

Qianxun was totally confused as to what this couple was up to – even though he had clearly brought her away, why was he bringing her back?!

She looked at Shi Guang who was standing in her house. “What are you two up to? Are you sure you’re not going to head back? Beware of your hubby being stolen by that Shen Yiren.”

“You’re worried about me? I guess you should be more concerned over yourself!” Shi Guang said with a curious glint in her eyes, seeming both wise and crafty with a hint of playfulness.

Qianxun glared at her. “Why should I do that?”

Shi Guang sniggered knowingly and spoke in a recital manner, “Who says that childhood sweethearts must grow up together? Perhaps the girl doesn’t really fancy the guy but instead, it’s the guy’s eldest brother?”

Even though Shi Guang had already hinted the obvious, Qianxun shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

“Shen Yiren’s going to the Lus place to visit mummy and Yanzhi tomorrow,” Shi Guang continued.

Qianxun gave a fake smile. “Then, shouldn’t you head back. Be careful your hubby doesn’t get stolen…”

Right after, she turned around and walked away.

Looking at her back view, Shi Guang facepalmed, not knowing if Qianxun was truly or acting dumb.

Although, Shi Guang did not know what to say nor where to start helping. After all, she did not know about Qianxun’s history with Yanzhi nor how their feelings for one another was like right now.

She was afraid that she might add oil to the fire.

Shen Lingshuang was rather pleased with the sudden visit by Shen Yiren. She had no daughter of her own and wanted one badly. Since their relationship with the Shen Family next door was rather close in the past, she would take Shen Yiren as though she was her own daughter. Because the both of them had the same surname, she even wanted to be Shen Yiren’s godmother.

But later on, that did not turn to fruition because she was discussing with Shen Yiren’s mother about the future of their children… that Shen Yiren would marry to be Yanchen’s wife in the future.

Following Yanchen’s engagement, that entire dream of theirs was scrapped.

“Gosh, it’s quite sometime since I’ve seen you and you’re so pretty I could barely recognize you!” Shen Lingshuang spread her arms widely.

“Auntie, you’re the same as in the past though, equally young and pretty.” Shen Yiren headed forth and shared an embrace with Shen Lingshuang happily.

“How am I the same? I’m much older, older…” Shen Lingshuang smiled, embarrassed.

“Far from old, you’re still beautiful!” Back when the tragedy struck her family, Shen Lingshuang had helped her and her mother during their roughest period. Shen Yiren would never forget that gratitude – in her heart, Shen Lingshuang’s status was akin to her own mother.

“Is Yanzhi around?” Shen Yiren asked.

“Yes, he’s upstairs with Xiao Bai.” Shen Lingshuang beckoned for a helper to go fetch Lu Yanzhi.

Before long, he appeared downstairs.

Looking at the handsome, cold man in his military uniform walking over with his domineering aura, Shen Yiren felt nervous and pursed her lips subconsciously.

By the time Lu Yanzhi’s gaze landed on her, she stood up and smiled before greeting gently, “Yanzhi.”

Lu Yanzhi’s scrutinizing gaze swept on Shen Yiren’s face, causing her little heart to thump furiously at his sight…