His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 948 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (8)

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Chapter 948: Exposing The Mysterious Background (8)

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Being the only two women present, Shen Yiren sat down right beside Shi Guang.

Shi Guang took the opportunity to size Shen Yiren up a couple of times while the latter was not noticing and she felt somewhat sceptical – Shen Yiren didn’t seem like she had any interest in Lu Yanchen at all?

After all, there was no hiding a woman’s fancy for a man.

The way Shen Yiren looked at Lu Yanchen was truly the exact same way she looked at Chu Mubei.

But, was it all real?

Or was she acting?

After all, there were all sorts of white lotuses who were really good at acting these days…

When they were about done with dinner, Shen Yiren’s gaze swept by Shi Guang and landed on Lu Yanchen. Unlike the casual attitude earlier on, this time round, there was a slight change as though she was somewhat shy.

Instantly, Shi Guang’s heart sank.

Indeed, this woman was just acting earlier on! The one that Shen Yiren fancied was Lu Yanchen!

When Shen Yiren’s voice rang out once more, Shi Guang was slightly rattled.

“Shi Guang, could we switch places? There’s a couple of things I’d like to ask Lu Yanchen.” Shen Yiren looked pleading.

Shi Guang was both surprised and speechless.

She had never seen a third party that would be so brazen as she looked at Lu Yanchen with incredulity.

However, Lu Yanchen nodded to Shi Guang, causing her to be infuriated – to think that he would even agree to it?!

She bit down on her lips before sweeping her hair behind her ears to conceal her emotions.

Shen Yiren had asked politely without giving any context. If Shi Guang were to reject her right now, she might have as well declared her defeat.

It’s just an act – who doesn’t know how to act?

Shi Guang smiled before standing up and changing seats with Shen Yiren who chuckled at her. “Thank you!”

She was so courteous that Shi Guang almost felt like the villain here!

However, Shi Guang knew she was not to blame – who could blame butterflies for being attracted to that alpha bee of a Lu Yanchen?

Besides, she hadn’t deciphered Shen Yiren’s true intents yet as she tried her best to listen in on their conversation.

“Lu Yanchen, is Lu Yanzhi at home recently?” Shi Guang was surprised – she was actually asking about Yanzhi?

“Yes, these couple of days.”

“Could I head over to the Lus place tomorrow to visit… auntie and Yanzhi? Would that be convenient?”

“I think so.”

“Yanzhi, has he… gotten a girlfriend yet?” Shen Yiren’s straightforwardness from earlier on was replaced with cautiousness.

“I don’t… think so.”

“When I gave auntie a call previously, she was still worried about Yanzhi’s singlehood. Seems like there’s no progress?” Shen Yiren then chuckled with a sweet, dizzying elation in her eyes.

Shi Guang snapped back from her stupor.

If she still couldn’t tell who the person Shen Yiren fancied was, she must be absolutely blind.

She was thoroughly worried about Shen Yiren’s relationship with Lu Yanchen because of Qianxun’s introduction of them as being childhood sweethearts, causing her to think that this might be another potential love rival. But she was truly just friends with Lu Yanchen.

Her true target is Lu Yanzhi!

If only Qianxun knew that the person she was talking about was actually her own love rival, how would she react?

Shi Guang could not help but snigger in gloat over her misfortune for a moment… but hold on, even if Shen Yiren wasn’t her love rival, she was Qianxun’s.

Since Qianxun is her auntie, shouldn’t she be on Qianxun’s side in theory? Yet, Shi Guang did not know how Qianxun truly felt about Lu Yanzhi right now.