His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 944 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (4)

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Chapter 944:Exposing The Mysterious Background (4)

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Looking at how Qianxun was holding back her laughter, Shi Guang declared sternly, “Don’t change the topic! What were you trying to say just now? Who is she?”

Qianxun looked at her in a resigned manner before taking her phone over and displaying a video before Shi Guang. “Check it out yourself.”

Shi Guang glared at Qianxun curiously before taking the phone over.

It was a short video that showcased a fashion designer – Shen Yiren, introducing her as one of the new age designers who is well known throughout Asia. At a tender age, she had already gotten international recognition while enjoying fame domestically.

She was wearing a black gown that showed off her shoulders with a head of long, silky black hair. Holding a dress, she walked to the middle of the stage while receiving the trophy for the strongest designer ever, becoming the first Asian to ever receive this award.

The video then switched to a scene of her at the airport, introducing her intentions to return for domestic development of her career.

She was clearly extremely popular given the number of fans and media that had arrived at the airport to receive her.

There was even a male fan who had knelt down and proposed to her with a bouquet of flowers.

Smiling and rejecting him politely, she said, “Thank you for your love to me. But I already have someone I fancy.”

The reporters chased after her to find out the identity of the one she fancied. However, Shen Yiren merely grinned and remained silent.

Shi Guang was still in a blur after watching the video and asked Qianxun, “Who’s this?”

“Shen Yiren? Isnt it reported?” Qianxun looked at Shi Guang somewhat perplexedly. “Lu Yanchen has never mentioned her to you?”

“No?” Shi Guang’s expression was surprised – was Lu Yanchen close with her?

“Then how about you just ask Lu Yanchen yourself?” Qianxun thought that the both of them might just reconcile if she did it herself.

“Don’t leave me hanging.” Shi Guang squinted her eyes at Qianxun and bore an authoritative tone, “Hurry and say.”

Reckoning that she must have overthought things herself, Qianxun spilled everything she knew, “Shen Yiren used to be someone from my circle in the past, around the same age as Lu Yanchen and Chu Mubei. Because their families had a good relationship, they mixed around and played together. Lu Yanchen and Chu Mubei would bring her around anywhere they went. However, when she was 10 years old, something happened to the Shens. Her father was interrogated and detained by the CCP for being a cadre and because of that, Shen Yiren fell from grace entirely.”

“What happened next?”

“However, Shen Yiren was still extremely exceptional. When she was in school, her grades were stellar and she claimed every scholarship she could. Because of that, she was even sponsored to study overseas and through her own hard work, she broke through the scene and became that renowned designer all on her own. Finally, she’s returning back home with glory.”

Shi Guang mumbled, “Pretty and capable. Mature and steady while being opinionated. Ain’t that a typical career woman?”

Qianxun nodded her head. “More or less.”

Recalling what Shen Yiren said in the video, Shi Guang asked, “So, the person she fancies is Lu Yanchen?”

“I don’t know.” That was the truth from Qianxun.

However, Shi Guang did not buy it. “Then why would you feel that I quarrelled with Lu Yanchen over her?”

“I’m older than them by quite a few years and I’ve never had much interaction with Shen Yiren. However, she’s rather chummy with Su Ya. Before the appearance of Yang Sitong and the Shen Family’s fall from grace, everyone thought that Lu Yanchen and Shen Yiren were a match made in heaven.”