His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light - Chapter 942 - Exposing The Mysterious Background (2)

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Chapter 942: Exposing The Mysterious Background (2)

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Qianxun’s nervousness was written all over her face as she closed her eyes and slowly drew out the DNA test slip from the document folder.

Gradually, her eyes squinted opened…

When she caught sight of the results, her face was filled with disappointment.

It wasn’t as she had hoped – there wasn’t even the sliver of possibility or miracle…

Previously, she had even considered the fact that if Xiao Bai was truly her son, how was she going to deal with him – should she allow him to stay with Lu Yanzhi or should she steal him for herself? Seems like at the end of the day, it was all for naught.

It was a possibility that was impossible.

In reality, she knew that Xiao Bai couldn’t possibly be her son.

She did not know what she was even thinking to harbour those thoughts of possibility that Lu Yanzhi’s son… might have anything to do with her!

Qianxun returned to her bedroom in sunken spirits, lying on the bed and scrolling through Weibo for news of her. Just as she was about to quit the app, she caught sight of news about the strongest designer ever – Shen Yiren.

Qianxun froze momentarily.

She’s back…

To think that it was even a flamboyant return.

Clicking on the thread, Qianxun continued reading through some posts about Shen Yiren before falling asleep eventually.

The next day, she was awoken from her dreams by her doorbell.

Who would come and disturb her beauty rest so early in the morning?

Groggily, she crawled up and answered the doorbell before opening the door while frowning.

Shi Guang walked in with a bunch of bags while Qianxun yawned. “What brings you here again?”

“What do you mean again? Am I so unwelcome here?” Shi Guang had been wondering the entire time if she should let Qianxun know about the DNA results.

“It’s not that you’re unwelcome, but Lu Yanchen had just proposed to you yesterday. What are you doing here instead of staying home and snuggling it up with him dousing in your love?” The freshly awakened Qianxun was still in a sleepy stupor.

She thought that she was even hearing things when Shi Guang said, “I’m going to stay here for a couple of days.”

“What did you say?”

Just yesterday, the both of them were drowning in their honey sweet love and yet, Shi Guang was appearing at her house suddenly today – did something happen?

She suddenly recalled the piece of news she had read last night. Could the reason why both of them quarrelled be because of her return?

“What’s wrong with you?” Qianxun asked.

“In any case, I want to stay here. Don’t ask me anything else.” Shi Guang was too embarrassed to tell Qianxun that she had gotten pregnant because of a trap laid by Lu Yanchen and that’s why she was still angry at him till this point.

“You come over to my place and yet I’m not allowed to ask anything? Don’t you think that’s too much?” Qianxun heaved out helplessly. “Besides, you’ve got so many friends and relatives, why my house?”

“…” Because you are my auntie. Who else should I seek help from if not you?

Shi Guang could not bring herself to say those words and merely sat on the sofa instead. “You’re all alone, you should be happy that I’m here to keep you company.”

“So I’m the one who should thank you instead?”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Qianxun was speechless. “This is the first time I’m realizing just how thick your skin can be.”

Shi Guang waved it off. “Thank you for the compliment!”

Even though Qianxun was grumbling about her reluctance, her face was all smiles as she teased, “I really think that for a woman who’s at odds with her husband, the best way of taking revenge against him is by sleeping in the room next to him.”

Shi Guang was confused. “Why would that be?”