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Chapter 940: I Merely Forgot You (30)

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Su Qianxun’s face flushed bright red as she pushed him away fiercely. At the same time, her other hand reached out for a towel beside her as she wrapped it around her body before hopping off the bed.

“Okay, we’re done now! Hurry and get lost!” Qianxun turned and headed for the bathroom right after saying that.

Before she closed the door, she even barked at Lu Yanzhi, “I hope that you’re already gone by the time I’m done showering!”

Lu Yanzhi’s gaze was fixated on the bathroom door as a sneer formed on his face – Su Qianxun, dream on!

Not long later, Qianxun came out of the bathroom only to catch sight of a Lu Yanzhi who was dressed again like the wolf in sheepskin he was, sitting down on the sofa with a magazine in his hands.

She grit her teeth and mocked, “Why aren’t you leaving yet? You’re going to sit here and feed the mosquitoes? There aren’t any mosquitoes in winter!”

Lu Yanzhi closed the magazine and threw it beside him casually before raising his head and looking at her sternly. “Su Qianxun, we need to talk.”

“What’s there to talk about? I don’t think there’s anything between us to talk about!” Qianxun replied coldly while wiping her hair with a towel. “Look at the way you look, seeming as though you’re not willing to let go. Don’t come here telling me that you’re still thinking about me after all these years?”

Lu Yanzhi’s face scrunched slightly – this woman was just asking the obvious!

In reality, Qianxun’s heart was in a mess. Before having sex, she was thinking on impulse. Now that everything was done, she truly did not feel that she should have done that with him.

However, she did not let her thoughts slip out on her face as she chuckled with a hint of ridicule. “So, is it me or my body that the great Chief Lu is unable to forget?”

Lu Yanzhi frowned. “I merely forgot to forget about you!”

“Oh, so that means that I’m something insignificant to be thrown at a corner. Since that’s the case, what’s there to talk about to me then?” Qianxun suddenly showed surprise. “Don’t tell me that after doing it again, you’re realizing that this body you forgot to forget has a special connection with you and you want to have a friends with benefits relationship with me?”

She then harrumphed coldly. “Sorry, but I reject you! I’ve got no interest in you!”

Lu Yanzhi stood up slowly glaring at Qianxun deeply. “You want to act as though nothing happened today?”

Qianxun disregarded the conviction in her heart and asked unwaveringly, “What else? We’re both adults and sex couldn’t be anything more commonplace! Even though you didn’t wear a condom earlier on, so what? I’m going to take a Plan B pill so that there won’t be another child somehow!”

“Su Qianxun, do you know what you’re talking about?” Lu Yanzhi’s voice was hoarse as his chest was stuffed up while his fists were gripped so tight that they were turning white. No matter how composed he seemed on the surface, it was clear that he was rattled.

“Of course! And please remember what I said before we did it that you’re not to look for me ever again after that!” Qianxun said with a nonchalant expression.

“Remember what you said before doing it. I thought you’re someone who doesn’t even care who you do it with?” Lu Yanzhi mocked coldly.

Qianxun looked at him and scoffed out indifferently. “Indeed, I don’t care! As long as I feel good!”

Lu Yanzhi’s patience seemed to have been stretched to its limit as he marched fiercely in front of her. “Su Qianxun.”