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Chapter 939: I Merely Forgot You (29)

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Yan Zi maintained her silence the entire time. If she did not continue, she knew that there was no way Su Ya could continue with this farce.

Indeed, Su Ya did not continue upon Yan Zi’s silence – she had known from the beginning that Yan Zi was a sharp woman and it wouldn’t be as easy manipulating her as Yang Sitong.

However, there was no rush as well. As long as she were to keep this up, she had ways of ensuring that Yan Zi wouldn’t have a choice but to do something.

Su Ya chuckled. “Since Rong Mo isn’t Mo Feifei, how about getting him out for a meal someday? I do kind of know him somewhat as well.”

Yan Zi did not say anything still, merely nodding her head weakly.

“Then again, Rong Mo doesn’t exactly resemble Mo Feifei as well.” Su Ya brought up the topic casually while Yan Zi asked sceptically, “Really? Come to think of it, I hardly even remember how Mo Feifei even looks like anymore?”

Su Ya grinned brightly – Yan Zi’s words meant that she probably had no idea Chang Xiaoyang was one of her underlings.

But declaring that she hardly remembers Mo Feifei anymore? Yan Zi probably wasn’t someone Su Ya could trust much longer.

Yan Zi did not want to continue humouring Su Ya and hence she rubbed at her temple, looking pained.

“What’s wrong?” Su Ya asked concernedly.

“I’m somewhat tired. I’ve been having headaches recently the moment I get tired. That’s the reason why I’m not discharged yet.” Yan Zi said helplessly. “Otherwise, I’m not even physically injured anywhere else.”

“I won’t keep you up then. I’ll come visit you next time, have a good rest!”

“Sure, byebye!”


The moment Su Ya left, Yan Zi laid back lazily with no signs of the same frailness from earlier on.

After so many years as Su Ya’s friends, she knew that woman way too well.

Even though she did not know what Su Ya was up to, she knew that Su Ya would always only proceed with a plan and would never leave herself without any way out.

Therefore, Yan Zi would not say anything too direct. The other time, she fell into Lu Yanchen’s trap and ended up their mothers were brawling out on the streets. Even though Su Ya was flustered, she did not make her words clear and was just instigating by the side-lines waiting for her to fall into the trap herself.

Till now, Yang Sitong probably has no idea how she even ended up at her current state nor would she have imagined that the Su Ya who loved and treated her the best would be the biggest schemer behind her downfall.

Even in the past when she hated the Lus, Yan Zi would not fall into Su Ya’s traps obediently let alone now when she knew that her father’s affair had nothing to do with the Lus – she no longer wanted to do anything anymore.

She did not want to do things that would bring her disadvantages.

In this aspect, she was the same as Su Ya.

What now then?

She was truly curious about Su Ya’s motives and truly wanted to expose it!

The romp overturned the entire house, moving from the living room to the bedroom; from the sofa to the bed. The both of them seemed like wild animals that were both fighting and dancing with one another.

God knows how many times they’ve been at it.

Finally, Lu Yanzhi came to a stop as he paused above Qianxun, looking down at her with his gaze dark and somewhat dismal.

She waited for a long time only to see that Lu Yanzhi had not gotten up entirely yet, seeming as though he wanted to continue further. She could not help but diss in her heart – just how long has this jerk been thirsty for! He’s practically like a wolf!

She pushed at him. “Get up!”

However, not only did he not get up, he leaned down and kissed her passionately and fiercely once more.

It was so fierce that Qianxun nearly choked, his aggressive demeanour looking as though he was about to devour her…