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Chapter 937: I Merely Forgot You (27)

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Xu Yafeng’s face screwed up. “What? How?!”

“Sooner or later, grandpa’s going to know that Shi Guang is his granddaughter.” Su Ya’s fists were curled into balls – was all her effort through the years going to waste just like that?

No! Absolutely not!

At least not till… her brother becomes the Family Head of the Su Family!

Xu Yafeng pressed on anxiously, “Haven’t we already settled this beforehand? Why did things suddenly change out of nowhere? Don’t scare mummy!”

“Since when have we settled it? We never did…” Su Ya grit her teeth and frowned. “Su Qianxun and Shi Guang had been maintaining contact the entire time! Right now, Su Qianxun’s even going to get married to Lu Yanzhi soon! That way, there’s no way we can steer clear of Shi Guang and sooner or later, everyone’s going to know about the truth!”

“Then, should we think of something? There must be a way!” Xu Yafeng was getting nervous as though she had lost her wits. “How about not letting Qianxun get married with Lu Yanzhi then?!”

Su Ya spun around, causing Xu Yafeng to freeze up momentarily. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

“No… mummy! That’s a brilliant idea!” Su Ya smiled out brightly. “However, the candidate has to be perfect!”

“Is there no way for Qianxun to be with that Shi Ze anymore?”

“Yan Zi’s been hospitalized for quite a few days now. It’s time I go give her a visit.” Su Ya played with her nails while her lowered eyes concealed her expression so that no one could tell what she looked at the moment.

“You’ve got a plan?”

“Mummy, don’t worry. We’ve put in so much effort, it wont go to naught.” Su Ya’s lips curled.

She did have a plan. However, the truth will eventually spill out – even then, she must not leave herself with no way out!

Yan Zi had been laying in the hospital for quite a few days now. Even though she had already spilled the beans to Rong Mo previously, the latter was still visiting her every other day.

Their conversations would not revolve around Mo Feifei as well – it was as though the conversation the other day had never taken place at all.

Su Ya’s visit to the hospital was almost coincidental such that she arrived right after Rong Mo left, bringing with her fresh flowers and a fruit basket.

After she placed the items down, she sat down beside the bed. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Much better. What brings you here?” Yan Zi leaned sideways looking as though she was completely fatigued and spent.

“Are your injuries severe?” Su Ya asked concernedly.

“I’ll probably have to stay here for another two weeks or so.” Yan Zi threw out a figure casually.

Spotting the fresh flowers arranged at the bedside Su Ya asked, “Someone came to visit you too?”

Yan Zi’s lips curled into a curious expression. “I guess? It’s the person who knocked me over.”

Su Ya was perplexed. “The person who knocked you over?”

Yan Zi nodded her head before locking eyes with Su Ya.

Smiling gracefully, Su Ya opened the fruit basket. “Let me peel an apple for you.”

She then continued casually while peeling. “I bumped into Rong Mo earlier on at the entrance. Don’t tell me that it truly is so coincidental that the person who knocked you over was Rong Mo?”

“Indeed, it IS that coincidental.”

Su Ya lowered her head and focused on peeling the apple. After she was done, she looked up at Yan Zi while she sliced the apple. “So, after getting along, does our dear Ah Zi feel that Rong Mo is Mo Feifei then?”