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Chapter 936: I Merely Forgot You (26)

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Old Master Su had always doted on Qianxun. The mere thought of his daughter going through that ordeal had his heart going heavy. However, he was also relieved that his daughter was even able to get out of that bunch of cold blooded drug lords alive.

Thinking about how she was all fine and alive right now had him feeling at ease.

At most, he’d just dote on her even more and try to arrange plans for her future, that’ll do.

When she returned home, Su Ya caught sight of her grandfather drinking tea silently in the living room as though he was deep in thought. Smiling, she walked over and sat down beside him while wrapping her arms around his elbow. “Grandpa.”

“You’re back?” Old Master Su patted his granddaughter’s palms.

“Didn’t you go over to little auntie’s place today, grandpa? Why are you back so soon?” Su Ya asked. Ever since Shi Guang’s appearance, she had been testing Old Master Su’s attitude daily to check if there were any signs that the secret may have been leaked.

Old Master Su chuckled. “Your little auntie’s busy dating these days. She’s got no time for me.”


Su Ya’s heart skipped a beat before she laughed out. “That’s good! So, when’s little auntie bringing him back home? Hopefully they add some children to our family soon!”

“There’s no hurry. After all, they already have Xiao Bai.”

Indeed, it’s Lu Yanzhi!

Su Ya’s smile was somewhat contorted but she tried her best to maintain it.

“You mentioned that you were going to get married with Chifeng earlier on? When are you planning to do it?”

Su Ya then sighed. “Mummy’s body isn’t doing too well recently and she’s been recuperating. Hence, I thought of pushing the entire thing back.”

“If you guys fancy it, you should hurry and get it done with.” Old Master Su’s wish was for his entire family to be happy.

Other than his daughter, the one he doted on the most was this granddaughter of his.

Looks and demeanour aside, her grace was unparalleled as well – she was the epitome of a missy born from an aristocratic family.

In the past, he had always felt more relieved at the thought of childhood sweethearts getting together. After all, there should be less chances of his family suffering if he knew the other side down to their roots.

However, ever since what happened to Qianxun, he was starting to feel uneasy.

When Qianxun got engaged with Eric, it was meant to be a splendid wedding with their family backgrounds extremely matching and their relationship strong as glue. However, who would have thought that things would end up as such?

Even though Qianxun met with such danger, Eric returned as though he was completely fine and merely mentioned that they had broken up without saying anything else – clearly, that was an irresponsible man.

Not long later, he even got attached to another girl – that had his fickleness on full display too.

Even though Yang Chifeng and Su Ya couldn’t be considered as childhood sweethearts, they had known one another for quite sometime too. Old Master Su wondered if they would continue to last.

“Alright, grandpa. I’ll head up first.” Su Ya smiled and bid Old Master Su farewell.

Her expression changed the moment she turned away from Old Master Su. Instantly, that elegant charm of his disappeared and was replaced with a sharp, dark look.

She did not return to her room. Instead, she entered Xu Yafeng’s room.

“Yaya, you’re back?” Xu Yafeng smiled at the sight of her daughter. But when she caught sight of the grim look on Su Ya’s face, she asked nervously, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Su Ya’s expression was stern. “Seems like, the secret won’t last for long.”