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Chapter 934: I Merely Forgot You (24)

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After Old Master Su left, Qianxun furrowed her brows and glared at Lu Yanzhi. “What did you tell my father?!”

He looked back at her curiously and perplexed with a deep gaze.

“You wouldn’t have told my father nonsense, right?!” Qianxun was somewhat nervous as she did not want her father to find out about her past.

“Are you afraid of others knowing what you’ve done?” Lu Yanzhi scoffed coldly – if possible, he wouldn’t have wanted to say it as well.

He hated this woman, but he hated himself more for not being able to forget despite so many years passing.

Or perhaps, he had merely forgot to forget.

Towards Old Master Su, he could not and did not want to lie. That’s because… this is the only way it’s possible.

Other than Old Master Su, he would never tell anyone else about what happened!

“You really said it!” Qianxun harboured thoughts of murdering Lu Yanzhi at this moment as she raised her hand and gave him a tight slap.

“You’re too much!” She had kept it hidden for so many years to avoid having her father worry and yet, he had spilled the beans!

“Why must you tell my father? WHAT RIGHTS DO YOU HAVE TO TELL MY FATHER?!” Unable to control herself, she rained down punches against Lu Yanzhi’s chest and only stopped when she was finally fatigued.

Be it in the past or now, her punches felt nothing more than pokes to him and had no effect at all.

Lu Yanzhi stood still and allowed her to do as she wished, only looking at her straight in the face after she was done. “You think that your father wouldn’t worry as long as you said nothing at all? After telling him, at most, he’d be sad for a couple of days or so. But after that, once he sees that you’re still fine and dandy now, he’ll be able to feel relieved. If I don’t tell him, he might guess at Xiao Bai’s birth and hire someone to check on the past? The true worry comes from him knowing only part of the story and feeling fearful over the other parts he does not know!”

Qianxun was stumped!

Even though she had said nothing and her father had not asked through the years, she knew that her father had always been worrying about what happened to her back then.

“But now that so many years have passed, what’s the use of bringing up the past!”

“How else would you explain Xiao Bai’s appearance?”

“What’s there to explain?” It wasn’t as though Xiao Bai was her child anyways – her child had died right in her own embrace!

Lu Yanzhi’s eyes turned sharp as he inched closer towards her. “You’re the most vicious woman on the face of this world!”

His advance sent her retreating.

Because the coffee table was behind her and she could not back off further, she pushed against Lu Yanzhi. However, his sturdiness caused her to fall back a little as her back bent over the coffee table and fell back.

She could see her own legs flaying in the skies when she felt her waist being wrapped by a strong pair of arms.

Before she could even react, he had pulled her deeply into his embrace.

Qianxun’s heart was pounding as she gulped furiously.

It was then that she realised she was being hugged tightly by him and their close proximity had her feeling the full extent of his warmth.

Feeling uneasy all over, she pushed against his chest.

Catching her familiar scent and that ticklish struggle she was putting up had Lu Yanzhi feeling heated up as well as he hugged her tighter.

He grit his teeth and snarled, “Su Qianxun, don’t play with fire.”

“Who’s playing with fire?!” Even as Qianxun rebutted, her fingers stopped moving and merely poked against his chest. “I’m steady now! Let me go!”