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Chapter 933: I Merely Forgot You (23)

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It took Old Master Su a long time to digest everything Lu Yanzhi had said as he shook his head. “That’s only your side of the story. I still refuse to believe that my daughter…”

“At that time, the one she liked and loved was her fiancé. If she had a child with someone she loved, that would be something joyous. However, if it was with a man she hated… in fact, a criminal’s child, that child is nothing to her but…” a disgrace!!

Lu Yanzhi did not complete his sentence. However, Old Master Su understood what he meant.

Towards his daughter, he had a good understanding of her. She was despondent for a long time upon returning back then.

At that time, everyone had thought that the painful torment she was experiencing was due to a lost love. Now that he thought about it, it might be due to a lost child.

Was that reluctance and denial that she was experiencing back then?

If only Qianxun’s mother hadn’t passed away that early. As a man, he had only thought that his daughter was heartbroken over love. Otherwise, the mother and child may not have been separated for so many years.

Old Master Su sighed in his heart before asking Lu Yanzhi solemnly, “The child needs a mother. What about you?”

Before Lu Yanzhi could reply that question, the door was pushed opened.

Qianxun had rushed back furiously as she placed the coffee down with a fiery speed.

She did not want her father to chat too much with Lu Yanzhi. Not once had she ever told anyone about anything that happened back then – that was the scariest secret in her heart. She did not want her father to know about it and worry about it at this old age.

Old Master Su looked at his daughter with both anger and sadness.

He was sad over her turmoil – why was she the one that had to experience all these?

Even though Lu Yanzhi had only gone through it briefly, but international terrorists and drug lords? Falling into their hands was akin to dropping into Hell!

He was angry over how she did not let anyone know about it – including him as her father.

Yet, that was enough to tell of how painful of a past it was for her.

There was probably no one whom she could relate to regarding something as such. Even the fact that she was able to step out of those shadows and be happy as she was now should be more than enough.

Was it important what she had gone through and what she had sacrificed? As long as she was alright now, nothing else mattered.

That was his selfish wish as a father that nothing could beat the happiness and safety of his daughter.

Qianxun could only tell that her father was looking at her with an inexplicable gaze. “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing much. You guys continue chatting, I’ll be leaving first!” Old Master Su stood up before looking at her. “Yanzhi is quite a good man. Do consider it well?”

With that, he tugged at one of her hand while reaching out for Lu Yanzhi’s hand with his other hand.

Su Qianxun: “…”

What the hell? What happened? What’s daddy doing?!

“For the sake of Xiao Bai, you guys should consider whether or not you’re getting married.” Old Master Su spoke with seriousness.

Even though Lu Yanzhi did not reply his final question, he could sense that Lu Yanzhi fancied his daughter quite a bit. Otherwise, why else would he remain single all these years? It was only the unfortunate way that they had come to meet that could be blamed.

After Old Master Su was done speaking, he joined their hands while leaving with Uncle Wang.

Right now, his heart was heavy. Even though it’s been many years, the mere thought of his daughter suffering as such just wrenches at his heart!!