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Chapter 930: I Merely Forgot You (20)

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Along the way, both of them remained silent with none of them having the intention to speak up at all.

Just as they were turning into her neighbourhood, Qianxun suddenly recalled something of importance – a couple of days ago, Old Master Su said he wanted to visit her place. However, she knew that it was in fact to visit Xiao Bai.

Yet, she was not truly mother and son with Xiao Bai. Hence, she only invited him over for the day after she sent Xiao Bai back.

The day after she sent Xiao Bai back… wasn’t that just today?

That thought had Qianxun who was initially slumped down jolting upright and looking straight at Lu Yanzhi. “Turn right in front and stop me by the roadside! I’ve got something on!”

Lu Yanzhi who was driving steadily looked at her coolly with a trace of curiosity before continuing to drive forth.

It wasn’t in the direction that Qianxun had asked for – it was right into her neighbourhood.

Instantly, Qianxun frowned. “Stop now! I don’t want to go home.”


“What address?”

“If you don’t want to go home, where do you want to go?”

“You…!” Qianxun was caught at a loss for a moment. She was no mere person and thus she couldn’t just casually drop off at any random place.

By the time she was done hesitating, the car had already entered her neighbourhood.

From a distance, she could already see a black sedan being parked before her place. It bore a familiar license plate – it was her father’s. Clearly, he had already arrived.

“I’m already in my neighbourhood. Please stop now.”

Lu Yanzhi did not accede and instead continued driving.

“This is for your own good! If you don’t stop now, you’ll have to walk out to grab a taxi back later. There’s no taxis in this neighbourhood!” By the time Qianxun was finished, Lu Yanzhi had already drove up to her doorstep.

Uncle Wang – Old Master Su’s driver – was waiting outside the entire time.

The moment he saw Qianxun’s car returning, he opened the door with a smile. However, he was welcomed with a military soldier who despite having immaculate and sharp features, bore a reigning and chilling aura.

The moment their eyes made contact, there was a sense of familiarity – wasn’t this the eldest son of the Lu Family?

Could the reason why Missy asked Old Master Su over today be because she wanted to introduce him to his future son in law?

“O-Old Master?!” Uncle Wang dashed into the house to report this excitedly.

Su Qianxun: “…”

She reached out wanting to stop Uncle Wang but it was already too late… If she were to chase Lu Yanzhi away right now and her father caught wind of it, she would definitely take the blame.

But if Lu Yanzhi was the one that wanted to leave, that would be a different story…

She looked at Lu Yanzhi. Even though she said nothing, her eyes sang a different tune chasing him off.

However, not only did he not leave, he stood at the doorstep waiting for her to open the door.

She asked in hushed whispers, “You’ve already sent me here. What are you waiting for?”

At then, the housekeeper came to the doorstep and welcomed warmly. “Mr Lu, please enter.”

Looking at how Qianxun was looking at him with a warning stare, Lu Yanzhi’s lips curled into a perfect arc as he marched in.

Instantly, Qianxun was stumped – what should she do now?! She had a feeling as though she had lured a wolf back into her den.

By the time she entered, Old Master Su and Lu Yanzhi had already exchanged greetings. Instead of the usual domineering aura he always had, Lu Yanzhi was exuding warmth instead.

Actor, actor, actor!

Qianxun dissed in her mind.

Even though everyone praised her for her acting skills, she felt that she was nowhere comparable to Lu Yanzhi!

After all, there’s no way one could be sent as a spy without good acting skills!