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Chapter 929: I Merely Forgot You (19)

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“Shi Guang, rest well. I’ll have the helper cook you chicken soup.”

“That’s right. This child is so skinny, she’s got to take more tonics. Yanchen, you’ve got to hold it back in!”

“You’ve got to eat more. When you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two people!”

“Good things come in pairs. The wedding must be grand so that Shi Guang does not feel let down!”

Looking at the entire family praising Shi Guang like a baby, Su Qianxun felt like she was totally out of place.

Not only did she feel uneasy from head to toe, she felt a sense of envy towards Shi Guang.

After all, she had been pregnant with Lu Yanzhi’s child in the past as well. But back then, there was no one who would pamper on her as such. In fact, there were probably no one who knew about it.

She wanted to leave the Lus’ place.

Initially, she thought that she would be able to leave without anyone knowing.

However, Shen Lingshuang had not ignored her the entire time. As though she knew that Qianxun was feeling uncomfortable, she did not insist that Qianxun stay on. Instead, she dragged Lu Yanzhi out before Qianxun got onto the car. “Yanzhi, there’s many things going on at home today but we must not neglect our guest. You have to send her home safely.”

Before she had even ascertained their relationship, Shen Lingshuang was already insisting on things. If Qianxun was displeased with it, the situation might turn bad instead.

Qianxun wanted to reject her intention but before she could do so, Shen Lingshuang had already left, leaving Lu Yanzhi. She gave Lu Yanzhi an impatient look before turning around, wanting to leave as well.

She wanted to get onto the driver’s seat and tell Lu Yanzhi that she didn’t need him to send her home but he was a step faster than her and hopped onto the driver’s seat first.

Qianxun then stood in front of the driver’s seat waiting for Lu Yanzhi to get down. “Thank you, but I don’t need you to send me home.”

Not only did Lu Yanzhi not get down, he even replied casually, “If you think that we’re not bringing enough attention to ourselves and you want to get everyone in the house out, please carry on creating a scene.”

Qianxun frowned and pursed her lips tightly.

She stood there against Lu Yanzhi for awhile, worried that she might end up being the focus of things alongside Lu Yanzhi again and got onto the other seat.

In the car, Qianxun caught sight of Shen Lingshuang sending guests off and heaved a sigh of relief that she had not insisted on continuing to drag things out.

Right now, Shi Guang was just like a baby. She had merely yawned once and everyone hurried to send her back to her bedroom upstairs to rest.

Shi Guang was totally =.= …

Back in the bedroom, she finally let loose of her repressed emotions. “Lu Yanchen, you’d really resort to anything.”

“How could I not put in more effort. I was almost dumped by someone.” He wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Who’s dumping you? Someone like you who has the looks, wealth, background and intelligence. Who would dare to dump you?!” Shi Guang said as she leaned back against his chest.

“Littly…” Lu Yanchen merely called out her name, his voice soft as silk.

That was a tone that he would only use in the bed, not out of it.

The way he was calling her now, he was clearly resorting to seduction as Shi Guang felt goosebumps run down her entire body.

She glared at him, feeling that not only was her anger not appeased, it had even increased.

Seeing how she was biting her lips and placing her hands on her tummy, Lu Yanchen asked, “Why? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“Uncomfortable your head!” She harrumphed coldly. “Men are really all just nothing good…”

She then stood up and wanted to walk out.

As Lu Yanchen was about to chase up to her, she turned around. “Hold up! You’re not allowed to follow me!”

Lu Yanchen then stopped in his tracks, rubbing his nose while looking at her back view.