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Chapter 928: I Merely Forgot You (18)

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In front of so many family members, anyone slightly mature would know not to put on a bad face and make use of this proposal to make him apologize – that was a sure-fire way to die.

Lu Yanchen recited that love declaration with solemnness and sternness, “… No matter the challenges up ahead in the future, I will go through the most beautiful time while holding your hands. The best times of my life ever. Will you marry me, Shi Guang?”

Even though Shi Guang was still somewhat displeased in her heart right now, she could not deny that Lu Yanchen truly did look suave and dashing at this very moment.

There were even moments when her heart had skipped beats earlier on.

Any woman would most probably be touched during such a romantic proposal and she was no exception, let alone the fact that she was already somewhat looking forward to this to begin with.

At this moment, there was a crazed sense of elation wrapping her heart and even if she was still not really ready to forgive him just yet, everyone had already began chanting, “Marry him, marry him…!”

Shi Guang took the bouquet over with one hand while stretching her other hand out. Instantly, Lu Yanchen smiled as he took the ring and slid it into her ring finger.

Holding her hands, he stood up before pulling her into his embrace by the waist and leaning down to kiss her deeply.

The rose petals began raining once more, dancing in the air as though this was a poetic downpour that could mesmerize one’s gazes, filling the air with love.

Shi Guang was getting dizzy with the kiss as she felt a sense of embarrassment with so many people around.

However, Lu Yanchen diverted the topic swiftly which led her to feel even more embarrassed.

He looked at her tenderly while smiling gently. “I’ve got another piece of good news, everyone. I’m about to be a father.”

Instantly, the entire house burst into chaos as everyone started asking Shi Guang about her condition.

She had initially wanted to roll her eyes at Lu Yanchen when she spotted tears streaming down grandma’s face.

Shen Lingshuang was so excited that her voice was even trembling. “Child, you’re pregnant? When did it happen? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

She hurriedly wanted to support Shi Guang to sit down on the sofa as Shi Guang replied hastily, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t have to sit down.”

She wasn’t that fragile of a woman. Other than the occasional nausea, there was no other reaction to her body regarding the pregnancy.

“When I saw you vomit the previous time round, I was certain that you were pregnant! Seems like our guess was correct!” Little auntie could not contain her smirk as well.

Everyone in the house was bathing in the joyous mood.

Even Chief Lu was showing a rare moment of casualness as he patted Lu Yanchen on the shoulders with a prideful expression as though he was declaring that this was his dear son’s achievement.

Shi Guang did not even feel as though she was the one being pregnant right now. Besides, she hadn’t even checked it up at the hospital yet – what if this was just a misdiagnosis?

Lu Yanchen was truly putting in much effort just to persuade her to keep this child.

She did not know to cry or to laugh as she told everyone, “Actually, it’s not confirmed yet. I haven’t gone to the hospital to check it out and I don’t know if the pregnancy kit is accurate.”

“It’s definitely accurate. There usually isn’t much error in stuff like these.”

“Yanchen, bring Shi Guang for a check tomorrow. Whether or not she’s pregnant, this proposal today is already a happy event.”

“I think she’s definitely pregnant. She was vomiting the other day!”