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Chapter 926: I Merely Forgot You (16)

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Su Qianxun was stumped. She did not want to lie to a kid but how could she possibly make dinner for him?

Xiao Bai then looked at her perplexedly. “You don’t know how to make them, mummy?”

That was a chance for her to make an excuse as Qianxun immediately smiled brightly. “Yepp, I don’t.”

Somewhat regrettably, Xiao Bai lamented. “Will you make it for me after learning from granny how to later?”

Qianxun’s smile cramped up.

This little rascal! Unsure if he was doing it on purpose, he was the one giving her the chance to both make an excuse and to fall into the trap at the same time – kids shouldn’t be so scheming at this age!

But no matter what, the Lus’ place was not somewhere she should linger for long.

She took out her phone and checked the time. Based on her understanding of Lu Yanzhi, by this time, he should be either out for a morning exercise or returned to the military camp.

She must not delay – she had to leave now!

After sending Xiao Bai away, Qianxun wanted to leave silently without having breakfast or letting anyone know.

But the moment she was about to step out of the door, the door was pushed open from the other side as Shen Lingshuang walked over to her and whispered mysteriously, “Qianxun, you’re up! Just nice, just nice. Come do me a favour…”

Su Qianxun: “…”

Shi Guang woke up somewhat late. By the time she went down, there was no one downstairs except breakfast on the table.

She called out a couple of times and yet, there was no response from anyone.

Feeling a little hungry, she sat down at the dining table and started eating. Even after she was done, there was nobody around.

Just as she was about to make a call to Shen Lingshuang, flower petals started raining down above her head.

Instinctively, she looked up only to find scarlet rose petals dancing all over the skies and snowing all over. In the middle of it all was a drone that was hovering in the air with a box on top of it.

Almost at the same time, romantic music filled the entire house as a large screen at the side was turned on, showing photos of her when she was young.

Because they were old photos, the resolution was somewhat blurry.

The photos started swivelling and spreading around through all sorts of special effects, changing to those when she was slightly older. By the time the photos got to her in high school, Lu Yanchen began to appear in them.

Both of them stood together as she leaned against his shoulder, smiling foolishly.

There were some where they looked at one another lovingly.

There were also those with just their back views.

The petals continued raining while the photos flipped till their latest one.

It was their wedding photo.

She held up her chin while looking ahead as he looked at her with that usual casual, aloof and arrogant expression of his. Yet, there was a sense of endearment to his gaze that was as gentle was water when he looked at her.

Suddenly, Shi Guang felt a gush of emotions flood through her as her eyes reddened, not knowing how to react for a moment.

Lu Yanchen then walked in with a suit a huge rose bouquet and a suave demeanour.

Shi Guang frowned slightly as she looked at this man that was walking towards her confusedly.

What was he up to?!

He stopped around half a step before her as she raised her brow and looked at him, asking him what he was doing with her eyes.

The petals continued raining.

The drone then slowly descended until it was at Lu Yanchen’s side.

Reaching above it, he took off the scarlet box before opening it slowly before Shi Guang.

It was a diamond ring and there was a special engravement on the diamond of two hearts being linked together…