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Chapter 923: I Merely Forgot You (13)

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“What’s wrong?” Lu Yanchen asked after a moment of silence.

“YOU tell me what’s wrong. Have you quarrelled with Shi Guang? Why else is she here while you’re at home?” Shen Lingshuang’s voice was uncharacteristically stern.

“I’m taking some stuff and I’ll head over soon. We haven’t quarrelled,” Lu Yanchen replied after pausing for a moment. “But mum, I would like you to help with something.”


“I’ll tell you when we meet.”

Shi Guang laid down on the bed and was preparing to sleep after taking a shower.

Recently, her mood has been in a mess.

She had came across the toughest crossroad in her life as a woman.

This child… should she keep it?

Whichever choice she made, it wouldn’t be one that would bring her joy.

Shi Guang fell asleep in a daze.

Unsure if it was a dream, she felt herself being hugged in a warm embrace that was a little tight such that she could barely breathe and everything felt surreal.

Stirring awake, she opened her eyes only to be met with a familiar, handsome face. The magnified face brought with it a refreshing, thick scent of a man that gushed into her nose.

At the sight of her waking up, the man curled his lips and kissed her.

Shi Guang’s face turned black instantly as she pushed him. “Let go of me.”

His grip loosened a little but he did not let go of her entirely. “Why have you woken up? Have I hugged you too tightly? Or are you hungry?”

“Neither…” She reached out for the bedside lamp and turned it on before meeting his gaze with a cold, calm expression. “I woke up because I saw someone I’m annoyed with. Can the annoying person please go out? I want to sleep.”

Lu Yanchen’s smile disappeared a little as he gave a resigned look. “Littly Shi, you’re really getting cuter and cuter.”

Shi Guang rolled her eyes speechlessly.

Ignoring him, she turned around.

He then hugged her from the back. “You’ll grow older faster if you keep getting angry. Be careful, you might turn into an old hag before you know it.”

Shi Guang chuckled out in anger. “I don’t wish to talk to you. Till now, you don’t even know the greatest problem between us. Forget it, at the end of the day, this is a problem that all lovers have – a lack of trust for one another. If we had enough trust, you would not have set this trap for me. You may call it love, but love should not be an excuse for you to pull off such schemes.”

He did not trust her because of the issue with her sister. The both of them were just like porcupines that may seem harmonial on the surface. However, if they were to get closer to the root of the problem, the spikes would hurt – that was the reason why there’s an issue now.

She was truly troubled over this issue and did not wish to see him right now, feeling as though she would burst into anger at any moment.

However, he only knew how to try and coax her without approaching the crux of the issue, not understanding her pain at all.

“Why do you think that giving birth to this child means that you would not be able to fulfil your dreams?” He whispered beside her.

“Dana Vollmer. At 29 years old, she took part in the Women’s 50 Free of the Arena Pro Swim Series while being six months pregnant. She was self-proclaimed to be the first mother that was competing and even after giving birth, she returned to the sport and claimed three medals during the Olympics, one of them was even a gold medal of the 4 x 100 Mixed Baton Relay. See, even a mother is able to get a gold medal?”

Shi Guang knew about all those as well – but it wasn’t as though everyone would be as lucky as well.

Besides, the Caucasians had a different body physique than the Chinese.

Though, how did he know about all this?