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Chapter 921: I Merely Forgot You (11)

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He gripped her ankle and yanked her towards him before coaxing with a softer voice, “Don’t worry, lass. I’ll definitely be gentle and you’ll definitely enjoy this more than with Ah Zhi!”

She was trembling from head to toe as she kicked at her legs and begged, “Please spare me, please! Otherwise, Young Master Zhi would definitely be furious when he returns! He’ll definitely get angry because I’m his woman! I’m his! He’ll not let you off if you touch me!”

Second Master paid no heed to her threats at all.

He smirked out. “Young Master Zhi? Who is he even to stand up to my wishes? Don’t bank on him coming to save you. In fact, even if he returns, I doubt he’ll have the guts to interrupt us…”

With that, a pair of rough hands started clawing at her clothes.

With her clothes torn, she shrieked out in despair, “Let me go! Don’t touch me! Let me go!!! Help! HELP! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!”

Fear and pain had caused her to let loose of any restraints she had as she howled out from the depths of her heart, “AH ZHI… AH ZHI! AH ZHIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!”

That howl was truly akin to a cuckoo spitting out blood through crowing.

At the same time, the tightly shut door was kicked right open!

Looking at the man whose presence seemed like a god’s descent, she yelled out with all her might, “AH ZHI, SAVE ME! SAVE ME!!!”

That scene in the room had Ah Zhi burning with a torrential rage as he dashed forth and sent Second Master flying with a single kick before taking off his jacket and wrapping her up with it.

That kick had Second Master stumped as well.

Clutching his head that was bleeding, he flipped up and lunged at Ah Zhi, yelling, “Ah Zhi, how dare you lay your hands on me for a woman!”

Ah Zhi shielded her with a single arm while he swept out another gun with his other hand, firing multiple shots at Second Master.

When she heard the shots, her first reaction was to scream and burrow her head into his embrace. Later on, she found out that even though he had fired multiple shots, none of them had landed on Second Master except for a single one that shot him right where it made him a man.

Even though Ah Zhi did not kill him, he made sure that Second Master would never be a man again!

The sound of the gunshots caused many people to gather around.

She thought that she must have definitely caused a huge mess. However, Ah Zhi disregarded all of them and carried her back.

At that time, even if she had been reaffirming herself that she was in a world of evil and the man who was carrying her was a big baddie that she had to fight and resist, her heart told a different tale as she sank down in his warm embrace.

Curling towards him, she stole the warmth away from him hungrily that dispelled the fear in her heart. “Don’t leave me, don’t abandon me. I’m really afraid. Please don’t leave, I want to go home, I’m really scared…”

He hugged her tightly. “Don’t be afraid. Forget about everything earlier on, nothing has happened just now.”

“You’re fine now, don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you, I’ll send you home…”

Even though his voice was firm as he whispered to her, she felt warmth beyond anything else…